Why Does Colin Break Up With Michael in Uncoupled?

The romantic Netflix show “Uncoupled,” which was made by Darren Star and Jeffrey Richman, is about a New York City real estate agent named Michael Lawson. On Michael’s 50th birthday, after 17 years together, his partner Colin McKenna breaks up with him without giving a reason.

Colin leaving Michael’s life means that he needs to find a new partner and start a new part of his life in his forties. Neil Patrick Harris plays Michael, and Tuc Watkins plays Colin.

As the series goes on, Michael tries to figure out why Colin broke up with him and finds a new love interest. Since the first season of the show ends on more than one cliffhanger, we looked at the same thing in more detail. Let’s talk about what we think about the same thing!

Why Does Colin Break Up With Michael in Uncoupled?

Colin breaks up with Michael even though they haven’t fought in a while, which surprises Michael. He thinks that Colin’s decision has something to do with another man, but he finds out later that Colin doesn’t have any affairs. When Michael’s best friend Stanley saw him trying to find out why he tried to do the same but failed.

At the wedding of the Jonathans, Colin finally tells Michael why he wants to leave him: their relationship is too predictable. Colin says that his life with Michael has become so routine that he can even tell what will happen in the future. Colin’s life has been pretty much the same for the past seventeen years because he has been with Michael.

Colin feels like his life is only about his relationship with Michael because he does the same things with Michael year after year and hangs out with the same people. Their relationship is also hurt by the fact that Michael doesn’t give Colin any room to express himself freely. Colin can’t stand it when Michael says, “It’s all about how I feel.”


Colin finally breaks up with Michael, so he doesn’t have to feel like he’s being suffocated by his partner any more. Still, Colin gives his relationship with Michael another chance by talking to a psychologist. Colin sets up a couple’s therapy session for the two of them so that he can talk about his worries with an impartial third party.

But in the end, Michael uses the whole session to talk about his worries and questions, not giving Colin a chance to speak. Colin breaks up with Michael because he thinks that Michael can’t change who he is.

Do Colin and Michael Renew Their Relationship?

Colin breaks up with Michael because he believes their relationship has become mechanical. Colin considers a life apart from Michael so that he can attempt to begin a new and exciting chapter of his life due to the endless repetitions of actions. However, this chapter falls short of Colin’s expectations.

From his conversation with Michael during the Jonathans’ wedding party, it is evident that his new life has not been satisfying. When Colin tells Michael that he couldn’t stand how predictable his life and future had become, Michael points out the positive aspect of this. In addition, Michael undergoes a transformation prior to the Jonathans’ wedding.

He is aware of his flaws and works to correct them. Instead of hoping for the worst for Colin, he is able to communicate with his ex-partner with maturity and wishes for his happiness.

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This change may have also affected Colin, bringing him back to Michael. Since Colin recognizes that his decision to end his relationship with Michael was a mistake, they will likely reconcile, especially considering Michael’s continued affection for Colin.

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