Mehmed Vs Vlad: Who Won in Rise of Empires Ottoman?

“Rise of Empires: Ottoman” on Netflix is an interesting docudrama series that shows how the Ottoman Empire became so powerful. In the second season of the show, viewers learn about the battle between Sultan Mehmed II and Vlad III. But the story of the two rulers is about more than just a fight over territory.

It is also about emotional turmoil. People want to know why they fought and who won, so it makes sense that they want to know more about it. We’re happy to be ready to do the same!

Mehmed Vs Vlad: Who Won in Rise of Empires Ottoman?

At the end of the bloody, exhausting battle between Mehmed II’s Ottoman army and Vlad the Impaler’s Wallachian army, Mehmed II’s army comes out on top. Sultan Mehmed beats Vlad, and while the cruel epeş is running away, he uses great strategy to make Radu the new Prince of Wallachia.

After his brother became king, and he lost a huge battle, Vlad epeș’s status fell, so he and what was left of his army ran away. Before “Rise of Empires: Ottoman” season 2 ends, we see Vlad and some of his closest friends riding towards the Hungarian border.

How Was Vlad the Impaler Kill?

But before the end of this season, it is shown that Sultan Mehmed II met Vlad for the last time face-to-face. At their last meeting, only one of them is still alive, and the other is just a head stuck on a stake. Vlad’s dead head has been cut off and stuck on a stake at the walls of Constantinople.

Mehmed Vs Vlad: Who Won in Rise of Empires Ottoman

Season 2 of “Rise of Empires: Ottoman” doesn’t show how he dies, but historical records say that an Ottoman patrol ambushed and killed Vlad epeș, and his severed head was later sent as a trophy to Sultan Mehmed II.

Why Did Mehmed and Vlad Battle?

To understand why Mehmed and Vlad were at odds, you have to know what was going on in Europe before these two rulers came to power. In East Europe in the 1500s, two powerful kingdoms were always fighting with each other to show who was the most important in the area.

The Ottoman Empire wanted to show how strong it was as a ruler, while the Hungarians wanted to beat the Islamic country. Wallachia was in between these two powerful areas.

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It was separated from the Hungarians by the Southern Carpathians. Also, the River Danube became the border between the Ottoman Empire and Wallachia.

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