Who is Akane Heiya In Alice in Borderland? Who Played the Role of Akane Heiya?

In season 2 of “Alice in Borderland,” one of the new characters is Akane Heiya, who plays a big part in some of the show’s most important scenes. “Alice in Borderland” does a great job of making even the most important characters die out of the blue. The first season of the show sets this plot point in stone pretty quickly.

So, it makes sense that every new character’s appearance is met with a lot of caution. It’s a warning to the audience not to care too much about the characters, but to root for them and have some hope for them.

Akane is a character who has a strong personality from the start. But the poor viewers are too smart to be fooled by the character’s bravado and bet on their survival, even though they still have some hope that life will win in the end.

Who is Akane Heiya In Alice in Borderland?

Akane Heiya is first seen as a high school student who likes to shoot arrows. This skill comes in handy during some trials. Heiya is the character’s name, which is what most Japanese people call her.

Akane first shows up in the fifth episode of season 2, Alice in Borderland, when Arisu is desperately trying to save his life by running away from the King of Spades. He gets separated from Usagi, but another Borderland survivor comes to his rescue. It’s a girl with a fierce look on her face and clothes that are worn and torn.

Who is Akane Heiya In Alice in Borderland

She also has a bow and arrows, which she uses very well against the King of Spades, who seems unbeatable. Later, she knocks out Arisu to get him out of danger and carries him to Aguni, who turns out to be still alive.

Later, she says her name is Akane, and Arisu notices and asks her about her fake left foot. She tells him what happened to her foot to make it hurt the way it does now.

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How Was Her Experience at Borderland?

When she first gets to Borderland, she plays a terrible game that causes unimaginable damage all around her as an entire stadium collapses in on itself. Akane runs away quickly, trying to get away from the explosions and flying things. She is still alive while everyone else dies, but her situation is very bad.

As the debris falls, one of the iron bars pierces her left leg on the shin. She gets the rod out of her leg and then crawls out from under the pile of stuff. But over time, her leg gets so bad that she needs to be beheaded, or she will die. A doctor offers to cut off her foot, but in exchange, he wants to sleep with her.

Who is Akane Heiya In Alice in Borderland

Akane has to take the predator up on his offer in the end, which lets her walk and run with a prosthetic leg. Akane changes into the exact opposite of who she used to be because of how quickly and badly things went wrong. She has grown into a brave and kind woman who puts her own life at risk to save others.

During the final battle with the King of Spades, Akane fights hard and survives even though she is shot several times and should have died. She makes it to the end and is finally able to go back to the real world.

Who Played the Role of Akane Heiya?

In Season 2 of Alice in Borderland, Yuri Tsunematsu plays the role of Akane Heiya. Tsunematsu has done some voice acting and worked in music videos.

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