Who is Naruto Smith in Rick and Morty?

Naruto is a big part of the overall storyline of the animated sitcom Rick and Morty. It’s not just one of the many pop-culture references that the show makes. Things often go in strange directions in Rick and Morty.

The weirdness level can be anywhere from eleven to eleven million. One of these strange things is the fact that Morty and Summer’s huge child from an incestuous relationship has been floating around in the vast universe for a long time.

In Rick and Morty season 5, episode 4, “Rickdependence Spray,” Morty goes to see his mom in the hospital. This is where everything starts. There, he finds a horse that is “breeding.” It is a device that is used to get horse sperm. Morty can’t control himself because he’s a hormonal teenager.

He gives in to his desires. Beth and the rest of the medical staff don’t know that Morty lets out his sperm, which is eventually collected in a can. Time goes by, and Rick is about to make a bioweapon of mass destruction that he plans to use against the Underground Dwelling Cannibal Horse People, who are his enemies (aka CHUDS).

Rick doesn’t know that the canister he brings home to make the bioweapon is the same one Morty used to let loose during his teenage years. Morty hides the fact from him because he’s ashamed of it.

Who is Naruto Smith In Rick and Morty

Rick uses “otherworldly forces” on what he thinks is horse sperm, and outcomes a huge number of giant sperm cells with teeth that can eat meat, complex organs, and the amazing ability to hover in the air. As Morty’s sperm cells cause trouble around the world, the title characters go after them. In the meantime, Summer, Jerry, and Beth help the US President in another way to deal with the crisis.

Summer comes up with the idea that her egg should be blown up to a huge size so that all the sperm will be drawn to it. Then, the egg should be sent into space, taking all the abomination with it. But the two groups don’t know that the sperms and the egg belong to two siblings.

The weird thing happens when one of Morty’s sperm fertilizes Summer’s egg. Summer tries to destroy the egg before it can fly away, but the president stops her because he needs the votes of people who want to keep the egg alive.

Who is Naruto Smith In Rick and Morty?

In episode 7 of season 5, called “Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion,” the baby comes back. This is also the first time the baby’s name is said. The title is a play on the name of the anime “Neon Genesis Evangelion,” so it’s clear that the episode makes fun of anime. One part of the episode makes fun of the popular shonen anime Naruto.

During the final battle, Summer and the rest of her family ride on top of the giant incest baby, controlling him by pulling his hair like in Ratatouille. They do this to save Rick from the bad guys. As they start their attack, Summer calls out to her baby Naruto, pointing him towards the fight and telling him to destroy the enemies.

Naruto still travels through the vastness of the universe, floating with his sense of wonder and goo-goo-ga-ga speech. In the third episode of season 6, called “Bethic Twinstinct,” Naruto is brought up again. Naruto will probably show up in more episodes, and he might even be a big part of an important turn of events.


A Beast and a Baby

So, the egg flies off into space, and sometime later, the giant incest baby is born with a lot of abilities that humans don’t have. Morty and Summer’s huge, red-haired space-traveling baby can live in space because Rick exposes Morty’s sperm to out-of-this-world forces, which gives Morty’s sperm superpowers.

The baby of Morty and Summer, who would later be known as Naruto, is pretty much like a normal human baby, except that it is huge and has superpowers. After two episodes, the giant baby comes back, and Summer tells her family that she has been talking to him. She was taken by the Pentagon to a secret base on Mars, where the baby is still being held.

Who is Naruto Smith In Rick and Morty

They wanted to see if he would react instinctively to his mother, which he did. The US government wanted her to punish the child, but instead, she taught him how to love and have faith in himself.

Later, the baby sneaks out of the base and flies back into space. This proves that Naruto is just a human baby, with all the strange things about him coming from science fiction being his size and special abilities.

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