Is Chishiya Dead in Alice in Borderland? Did Chishiya Successfully Return to the Real World?

“Alice in Borderland” on Netflix has a lot of shocking and traumatic character deaths, and no one seems safe, no matter how important or important they are to the story. Since the beginning of “Alice in Borderland,” when he first showed up looking smug, Chishiya has been an important part of the story and a main character.

But despite being shockingly and surprisingly calm, he is very good at what he does. He breezes through the dangerous games and moves forward with the other main characters.

In season 2 of “Alice in Borderland,” Chishiya is still a smart and capable character, but a shocking turn of events puts him in a bad spot.

Is Chishiya Dead in Alice in Borderland?

In the second season of Alice in Borderland Chishiya does not die. Towards the conclusion of the first season, he is one of the four individuals who find their way to the surveillance centre in the subway tube, where they discover that all drug traffickers have been eliminated.

After an attack by the King of Spades, Chishiya separates from the rest of the group as the second season begins. Chishiya reaches the same conclusion as Arisu, namely that he can avoid a confrontation with the King of Spades by playing other games, after realizing that pursuing the King of Spades on his own would be foolish, especially considering his lack of physical prowess.

Is Chishiya Dead in Alice in Borderland

The first event in which he participates is Solitary Confinement, organized by Jack of Hearts at Teio Prison. Chishiya, along with serial killer Sunato Banda and Yakuza member ki Yaba, wins the game, with Chishiya entrusting Banda and Yaba with the Jack of Hearts.

The next game Chishiya participates in is hosted at the Supreme Court by the King of Diamonds, who is revealed to be former Beach No. 2 Keiichi Kuzury. The name of Kuzury’s game is Beauty Contest, and it incorporates scales coated with sulfuric acid. When a player reaches a score of -10, the scales over their heads will tip.

Did Chishiya Successfully Return to the Real World?

Chishiya jumps in front of the other two survivors and takes the bullet that was meant for them. He falls down, and just before what looks like his death, he tells Arisu and Usagi that he has never been selfless until now. While Arisu and Usagi finish the last game, Chishiya sits where he was shot, next to Niragi, who was also shot but lived.

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In season 2 of “Alice in Borderland,” Chishiya makes it back to the real world. When he wakes up, he’s a different person. He knows what kind of person he used to be and isn’t proud of it. This shows that he’s going to change his ways soon.

Who Plays Chishiya in Alice in Borderland?

Shuntar Chishiya, portrayed by Nijir Murakami, is one of the main protagonists in the Netflix survival action thriller series ‘Alice in Borderland,’ adapted from Haro Aso’s manga series of the same name.

Is Chishiya Dead in Alice in Borderland

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