Who is Lucy In Only Murders in the Building? Why Lucy Go Back to Arconia?

Season 2 of “Only Murders in the Building” focuses on Charles, Oliver, and Mabel trying to solve a new murder mystery in order to establish their innocence. Finding the real murderer is the only way to disprove the trio’s guilt in the Bunny Folger slaying. They uncover Arconia-related mysteries while doing so, and Charles meets up with an old friend.

The eagerly anticipated reunion between Charles and Lucy takes place in the fourth episode of season 2. This is everything you need to know about Lucy and an explanation of why she came back to the Arconia.

Who is Lucy In Only Murders in the Building?

In the first season of “Only Murders in the Building,” Lucy is brought up for the first time. Even though she doesn’t show up in season 1, Charles misses her a lot. Emma, who used to date Charles, has a daughter named Lucy. After Emma moved in with Charles in the Arconia, she lived with him.

Who is Lucy In Only Murders in the Building

But when Charles and Emma broke up, Lucy moved away and couldn’t see Charles any more. Still, she and Charles are close, just like a father and daughter. In the last episode of the first season, Charles and Lucy talk again. “Here’s Looking at You,” the fourth episode of season 2, is the first time we see Lucy.

She shows up in Charles’ van while he is filming the reboot of “Brazzos.” Charles is surprised to see Lucy, but she doesn’t say why she’s there. In the show, Lucy is played by actress Zoe Margaret Colletti.

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Why Did Lucy Go Back to Arconia?

After meeting Charles in his van, Lucy goes back to the Arconia. Lucy meets Oliver and Mabel, and she helps them figure out what happened to Bunny. She finds a knife that was probably used to kill Bunny and shows the three podcasters the way to a secret hideout. The lair connects the flats in the complex, so Charles, Mabel, and Oliver can watch their neighbors from there.

Whenever she talks to Mabel, Lucy talks about the time she spent with Charles in the Arconia. So, it’s clear that she cares about the building complex on an emotional level. But Lucy has another reason for going back to Arconia.

Even though it seems like she just wants to talk to Charles, Lucy is having trouble with her mother. In the end, Lucy tells Charles she doesn’t like her mom’s new husband. So, she didn’t go to their wedding and instead tried to meet Charles. But Lucy doesn’t say that she was in the Arconia the night Bunny died and almost ran into the person who did it.

Lucy says that she thinks of Charles as her dad. So, after a fight with her mother, she goes back to Arconia to look for a place to live. Charles tells Lucy that he will always be there for her and sends her back to her mother’s house.

Who is Lucy In Only Murders in the Building

In the end, Lucy’s short trip back to the Arconia may have been caused by feelings, but it links her to the bigger mysteries in the building.

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