Who is Toya Todoroki In My Hero Academia? Is Toya Todoroki Actually a Dabi?

My Hero Academia is one of the most popular anime and manga series out there. Over the years, it has introduced a lot of great characters and their side stories. One of these side stories is about how hard it is for the Todoroki family to get along because of their cursed past.

A loss the Todoroki family went through long before the show began has come up in the most recent episodes. So, in My Hero Academia, who is Toya Todoroki?

Who is Toya Todoroki In My Hero Academia?

Toya was born with a big face and wild, red hair that stuck up in tufts all over his head and hung down in different places from his forehead. Toya’s hair turned white over time, though, because of genes that came from his mother. A simple gakuran jacket was also on him. In a few of the pictures he’s in, he’s wearing a look that would be normal for him.

Who is Toya Todoroki In My Hero

Fuyumi and Natsuo were bigger than him because he was born early, but Toya didn’t reach about the same height as them until after he had a growth spurt. Toya, who was a very active and loud boy, wanted to learn everything he could from his dad. Toya became obsessed with the goal of beating All Might because his father, Enji, told him from a young age that he would be the one to do it.

Toya was just as stubborn as his father when he tried to pass All Might and become the next number one.


Is Toya Todoroki Actually a Dabi?

After the accident and coming out of a three-year coma, Toya went home and wanted to see his father. He also wanted to make up with his family because they had attacked Shoto and treated them badly. Toya completely lost it when he saw that not much had changed and that Enji was still focused on raising Shoto to take over for him.

Then, he was reminded that all he had ever been to his dad was a failed and given-up way for him to get what he wanted for himself. Because of this, Toya completely lost his old self and became Dabi, a murderous and pyromaniacal villain who wanted to destroy his father’s name to make up for all the pain he went through.

Who is Toya Todoroki In My Hero

He changed his name to Dabi and turned into a person who is strict, aloof, sure of himself, and focused, and who rarely shows emotion. Even though he is rough and violent at times, he is very careful.

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