Who is Podesta In Pinocchio and What Type of Character is Podesta?

Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio, or just Pinocchio, is a stop-motion animated musical dark fantasy film coming out in 2022. It will be directed by Guillermo del Toro and Mark Gustafson and written by del Toro, Patrick McHale, and Matthew Robbins.

Read this to find out In Pinocchio, who is Podesta, and is he a real boy?

Who is Podesta In Pinocchio?

The Podesta is one of the bad guys in “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio.” He is a leader who shows what it means to be a good person in a fascist country. You can now watch the film on Netflix. “Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio,” a remake of the original story by Carlo Collodi, showed Pinocchio’s troubles from a new point of view.

In contrast to the original, the scary parts of this fantasy film are based on real events. Pinocchio is not a real boy, he is a puppet, but he is still expected to go to school and learn to be good. Even though Pinocchio isn’t real, making kids act like everyone else is very real. Podesta’s character was one of the most interesting parts of the film.

Who is Podesta In Pinocchio

In Italy, Podesta was the name of a government worker whose real name was never told. When Volpe lets Pinocchio go, and he comes back to life a second time, Podesta takes him to fight in the war, which makes his exile last longer.

What Type of Character is Podesta?

Podesta is a fascist government official who transforms Pinocchio into a soldier. The first time he sees Pinocchio, Podesta dislikes him. He disapproves when he observes him acting like a youngster.

To him, Pinocchio appears to have no value. But, after Pinocchio dies and is resurrected, he views him as a precious asset. A child who cannot perish can be exploited to secure victory in battle.

He enlists Pinocchio and the other children, including his own son, in the army. The children are war tools; their lives are meaningless if they do not serve their country. The Podesta informs Geppetto that Candlewick is an exemplary citizen. A boy who accepts his instructions without inquiry.

However, he is a military leader rather than a father. He convinces his kid that his love must be earned and that the only way to do so is to enjoy and participate in the battle. Even as a child, Candlewick fears showing fear because he believes his father will disapprove. He has been instructed that only cowards dislike warfare.

The Podesta does not allow Candlewick to be a child for even a moment; after both Candlewick and Pinocchio win, he orders his son to shoot Pinocchio since there can be only one victor and death is the fact of war. When his son disobeys his demands, he labels him as weak and cowardly and discards him.

Who is Podesta In Pinocchio

The Podesta is the type of father figure who never allows their child to develop into an independent adult. The film illustrates the perils of conformity and blind obedience through his character.

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