Who Killed Reece’s Family In Terminal List and Did He Get His Justice?

James Reece (Chris Pratt) and Ben Edwards (Taylor Kitsch) begin “The Terminal List” as best friends. They both reside in Coronado, a tourist community in California. Ben, like Reece, was a Navy SEAL and a member of Reece’s unit before leaving the Military and joining the CIA. As Reece returns from Aleppo, Syria, following a disastrous operation, Ben is at the airport to pick him up.

After the horrible murders of Reece’s wife Lauren and daughter Lucy, Ben chases vengeance alongside Reece. And yet, Reece murders Ben in the season 1 finale titled “Reclamation.” If you are curious about the motivations behind Reece’s behaviour, we have you covered.

Who Killed Reece’s Family In Terminal List?

Although NCIS agent Josh Holder had nothing to do with Lauren and Lisa’s deaths, Reece subsequently finds that the agent was getting payments from a guy by the name of Saul Agnon, the Vice President of Asset Management at Capstone Industries. Reece initially believes that Agnon killed his family.

Who Killed Reece's Family In Terminal List

After that, Reece makes a trip to Mexico to hunt down and kill the killer of his wife and daughter. He executes Steve Horn, the CEO of Capstone Industries and the person responsible for the deaths of his family and fellow soldiers, after returning to the US.

After that, Reece pursues Commander Bill Cox, JAG Captain Howard, and Admiral Gerald Pillar for stealing money from Horn and allowing him to test the drug RD 4895 on Reece’s squad, which resulted in brain tumors in those individuals. Reece becomes aware that he still lacks the final component of the puzzle.

He discovered that the information provided by the CIA was purposefully false. When Ben learned about the tumors, he assumed his pals would want to pass away while wearing their boots. Horn’s $20 million payment to him aided in his decision-making.

Ben concedes defeat, but not before making a vow to Reece that he had nothing to do with the killings of Lauren and Lucy. Then Reece shoots him to finish off his terminal list.

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Did Reece Get His Justice?

Now, Reece thinks that Secretary Lorraine Hartley wants to kill him. Katie also thinks that Hartley has a big deal to do with Oberon Analytics, which is why they paid her to do this experiment. Hartley stops her from having her story published when she sends it to him, instead inviting her to her house.

Katie goes because she wants to find out what happened. Even though the FBI was told to drop the case, Tony has changed his mind and now thinks that Reece was the one who was wronged. He is trying to find out more about what is going on. Katie finally gets Hartley to say that she has done wrong every time.

Even though she knew about the tumor, she kept quiet and killed everyone to protect her reputation. Everything works out in the end, but Katie tells him about the last murder.

Who Killed Reece's Family In Terminal List

Ben had been doing it the whole time. Hartley dies, and we hope that Ben does too because when Reece confronts him, the scene pans out and we hear gunshots.

Yes, James kills Ben, and his list is finally done. Now that his family’s deaths have been avenged, he can live in peace.

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