What is Jackpot In the Peripheral? How Does It Relate to Flynne Fisher?

The sci-fi drama ‘The Peripheral’ on Amazon Video depicts the life of Flynne Fisher. She has the opportunity to time travel, though not in the normal sense, and becomes enmeshed in the events of the turn of the twenty-first century. Seventy years after her original timeline, the world has changed drastically.

A few insights are provided to the spectator regarding the events that so severely altered the globe, despite the future inhabitants’ reticence. The word “the jackpot” is utilized in this context, and it turns out to be the future’s turning point and a major storyline point in the story.

If you are curious about what it is and how it relates to Flynne’s story, then you should consider the following information.

What is Jackpot In The Peripheral?

The Series The Peripheral is based on a book by William Gibson of the same name. This is where we learned about the jackpot. Flynne goes to a world in the future that is set in the time after the jackpot. There, she notices that there are a lot fewer people than in her own time. When Flynne is in the sim and still thinks she is just playing a game, Aelita West tells her that she will probably be dead in ten years.

What is Jackpot In The Peripheral

This makes the audience think that a world-changing event on an apocalyptic scale might have happened. But the jackpot isn’t just one thing. The jackpot in “The Peripheral” is everything from wars, famine, water shortages, and food crises to diseases that didn’t spread worldwide but killed enough people to be remembered as a dark chapter in history.

When things were finally brought under control, 80% of the world’s population was gone. Animals also died off at the same time that people did. The bees are almost gone, and the damage to the food chain is so bad that most of the top predators have already died out. Even though the future has a lot of problems, it also has answers.

In the twenty-second century, technology has made a huge leap forward. For example, cancer can now be cured, and energy sources are cleaner. Some people had a lot of chances to get richer because of this. The rich got richer, and they now decide what will happen in the future.

In fact, they have used their power and influence so much that they are now trying to control the past as well. Even though it makes things look bad for the future, the event is called the jackpot which is usually a term for something good. Since it helped the rich a lot, it’s likely that they were the ones who came up with the term.

Even though the rest of the world was going to hell, they were able to stay alive because they had enough money. While the poor suffered and new innovations were made to help, the rich did even better, and now, in the 21st century, oligarchs run the world. It’s easy to see why they called it the jackpot.

How Does It Relate to Flynne Fisher?

When Flynne witnessed the nuclear explosion occurring near her home and realized she couldn’t continue to witness this annihilation, she begged Ash and Wilf to halt the projection. Flynne now resides in a different timeline as a result of her meeting with Wilf and others in his. Her timeline need not always correspond to the chronology of Wilf’s universe.

What is Jackpot In The Peripheral

It’s because Wilf’s timeline and the alternate timeline cannot coincide. Any amount of divergence between the two histories is possible, therefore Flynne must make sure that her world diverges greatly from Wilf’s if she doesn’t want it to follow in his footsteps.

The audience might witness her and her friends attempt to change the course of events in her reality so that it avoids the terrifying apocalypse, unlike Wilf’s world in his timeframe.


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