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Rick and Morty has a pretty small group of main characters. Beth, Rick, Morty, Summer, and Jerry are always there. Before the first episode, not much is known about Rick’s past or why he goes to other universes.

In the last episode of season 5, Morty and the viewers find out that Rick’s wife Diane and daughter Beth were killed by a Rick from another dimension, which caused C-137 Rick a lot of pain. Because of this, C-137 Rick fell into an abyss with a cacophony of all the worst qualities and a very strong desire for revenge.

For a character’s growth? Yes, also. During the third episode, we meet Diane, who is obviously close to Rick. So, in Rick and Morty, who is Diane?

Who is Diane Sanchez In Rick and Morty?

Diane was Rick’s wife and Beth Sanchez’s mother in Season 6 of Rick and Morty. She has only been mentioned briefly, but her story is told in more detail in Season 3, Episode 1. Diane and Beth both died in the end because of “Rick Prime,” a different Rick. Aside from that, not much is known about Diane’s character.

However, in the same episode, she is shown as a loving wife who is thrilled by the possibility that Rick may have finally made a breakthrough with one of his inventions. Rick Prime offers him portal technology, but he turns it down because he doesn’t want to be away from his family.

Even though Rick and Morty haven’t gone into more detail about who Diane is, we can be sure that her death is what sets the show in motion. Still early in Season 6, it’s possible that the showrunners will give her character more depth. Check out Rick and Morty in Multiverses until then, and then find out where Rick Sanchez’s name comes from. Watch Rick and Morty Right now.

The Fake Diane and What It All Means

In “Solaricks,” the first episode of Season 6, Rick is taken back to his original dimension. There, he hears what sounds like his wife’s voice. He remembers that it’s an artificial intelligence version of his wife that he made after she and their daughter died. Diane, the A.I., was made to be a cruel reminder and a way to torture Rick.

Who is Diane Sanchez In Rick and Morty

She did this by taunting him and telling him over and over how he killed his wife and daughter. A.I. Diane does what she’s supposed to do well, and maybe even too well. In the short time, she is on-screen, A.I. Diane is very cruel to Rick.

She casually stabs him in the heart with dark one-liners. Later, A.I. Diane reminds Rick, with a surprising lack of cruel jabs and a serious, loving tone, that Rick’s enemy and the person who killed Rick’s family may have also gone back to his own dimension. This makes Rick want to get even again until Morty makes him stop and changes his mind.

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It makes sense to think that A.I. Diane could come back in the future. She might even be the key to getting Rick back on the path that will lead him to get revenge on Rick Prime for killing his wife and daughter.

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