Who is Norville Rogers In Velma? How Did the Velma Series’ Creators Make It Unique?

Norville Rogers is better known as “Shaggy,” but his character goes through several changes in this version of Velma. Sam Richardson gives the character’s voice. Shaggy’s real name has always been Norville Rogers, but in the HBO Max series, the character has been completely changed to fit the modern tone.

Norville is shown to be African American, and his parents are a mix of different races. Another important thing to note is that Norville hasn’t been called “Shaggy” yet, and the name’s possible origins might be looked at in a future episode. Find out who Norville Rogers is in Velma by reading this article.

Who is Norville Rogers In Velma?

Sam Richardson gives Norvilleis a voice. One of the most important people in Velma is Norville “Shaggy” Rogers. Like many of the other characters in the show, this one is based on a member of the original Scooby-Doo Mystery Inc. gang. Scooby-best Doo’s friend Shaggy has come back to life as Norville.

Who is Norville Rogers In Velma

Scooby-Doo doesn’t show up in the Velma series, though. Norville is an African-American teen with much cooler hair than the original version of Shaggy. He wears a green T-shirt that looks like Shaggy’s famous one. Velma is also a prequel to the character Shaggy, who is always hungry in the Scooby-Doo movies.

There are also younger versions of the rest of the Mystery Inc. group. Daphne Blake and Fred Jones are both there. Don’t worry, there’s no Scrappy-Doo!

How Did the Velma Series’ Creators Make It Unique?

The individuals responsible for creating this new version decided to go in the opposite direction and make it as different as possible from the old one. Norville tells Velma that he likes her, which is another big change in this series.

He tells her how he really feels while trying to help her stop seeing things, but she laughs it all off. He almost sells a kidney to get the money she needs so he can court her, and when he sees her kiss Daphne, he looks very sad.

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Sam Richardson

Sam Richardson is known for more than just his role as Norville. He has done a lot of other voice work. Fans might know him from his role as Randy on the TV show HouseBroken, where he voices the character. He is a comedian, writer, and actor from the United States. Most recently, he was in The Afterparty, a live-action Apple TV show.

Who is Norville Rogers In Velma

In a recent interview with Toonado, Sam talked about where he got the idea for the role and how he made it his own. “Casey Kasem’s or Matthew Lillard’s or Will Forte’s Shaggy or Norville will be nothing like mine,” he said. Sam kept talking about how he wanted the character to show what the show was about.

He said, “I really tried to make Norville what the script and the idea for this show, Velma, say he is.”

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