Is Black Girl Missing On Amazon Prime? Is This Series Based on a Real Story?

This article will talk about where and how to see the film Black Girl Missing. In Black Girl Missing, a Black woman can’t get the police or the media to help her find her missing daughter, so she turns to a group of dedicated amateur internet investigators for help. Cheryl is a mother in the film Black Girl Missing.

Her daughter Lauren has gone missing. Cheryl at first thinks that Lauren is just ignoring her calls and texts after they fight about Lauren’s plan to quit college, but she soon realizes that Lauren is missing. When Lauren tries to get help from the police and the media, they quickly dismiss her as a runaway because they are busy with another story about a missing white girl.

Cheryl and her 15-year-old daughter, Marley, are desperate to find Lauren, so they turn to an online community of dedicated amateur detectives for help.

Cheryl also finds out about the Black & Missing Foundation, and she is outraged to learn that missing people of colour don’t get as much media attention or police resources as missing white people.

Film Black Girl Missing
Genre    Crime, Drama 
Directed by        Delmar Washington
Country of Origin Canada
OTT Platform Amazon Fire TV
Written by Kale Futterman

Is Black Girl Missing On Amazon Prime?

Right now, you can’t watch Black Girl Missing on Amazon Prime Video. But there are other ways to watch this show.

You can now stream Black Girl Missing on your Roku with Spectrum TV or Philo. With Amazon Fire TV, you can use Philo to watch shows.

How to Watch This Film in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia?

A release date for the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia has not yet been announced, and we were unable to locate any streaming alternatives, so you may be unable to watch the title directly. However, if you use a fast VPN and connect to a US server, you can watch the film on any of the streaming platforms mentioned in the US segment.

Is Black Girl Missing On Amazon Prime

Is Black Girl Missing Based on a Real Story?

Black Girl Missing is a film that was written by Kale Futterman and directed by Delmar Washington. However, that doesn’t mean that the film is all lies. Before the film starts, there is a disclaimer that says the characters and events are made up, but the story is “inspired by real stories of missing women of colour.”

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I think that most of the time, the news is not about us. When we don’t show up, she’s a runaway right away. The film also talks about many real-life cases of black women and white women going missing, and it doesn’t shy away from comparing and pointing out how they were treated differently.

Official Trailer of Black Girl Missing


Black Girl Missing is a crime, drama film about a Black woman who turns to an online community of dedicated amateur detectives for help in finding her missing daughter. The film highlights the lack of media attention and police resources for missing people of colour. It is available on Amazon Prime Video, but not on Amazon Fire TV.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Did the Film Black Girl Missing Come Out?

On March 4, 2023, Black Girl Missing came out.

Who Played the Main Character in the Film Black Girl Missing?

In Black Girl Missing, the main characters are played by Garcelle Beauvais and Jeanette Branch.

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