Who is Akane Sawatari In Chainsaw Man? What Powers Does the Snake Devil Possess?

In ‘Chainsaw Man,’ Akane Sawatari is the latest in a long line of evil villains. He came into the world of anime in a brutal, scary, and threatening way. The latest storyline in “Chainsaw Man” has already taken a big toll on the Public Safety Devil Hunter divisions and the anime’s main characters.

In a coordinated attack that went off like whiplash, the civilians who worked for the Gun Devil did so much damage that the number of devil hunters dropped by a horrifyingly large amount. One of the most significant losses comes from Himeno and Arai leaving, as well as Denji and Aki almost dying from their injuries.

When the attack got to Denji and his group, the already bad situation got even worse when some powerful enemies showed up. They gave Denji, who seemed unstoppable, a run for his money and, even more shockingly, beat the experienced Aki Hayakawa.

Who is Akane Sawatari in Chainsaw Man? It is the subject of this article.

Who is Akane Sawatari In Chainsaw Man?

Akane Sawatari is Chainsaw Man’s Snake Girl. She works for the Snake Devil and wants to steal Denji’s heart. She does this as a civilian devil hunter for the Gun Devil. Akane dresses differently than most girls because she wears hoodies, shorts, sneakers, and even tracksuits. She doesn’t care about most things that happen to her and rarely shows any emotion.

Who is Akane Sawatari In Chainsaw Man

But when Makima started killing one of her coworkers after another, Akane showed how scared and surprised she was that Makima was still alive.

What Powers Does the Snake Devil Possess?

Like most devils, the Snake Devil can grow back, make deals, take over dead bodies, feed on fear, reincarnate, and eat blood. The Snake Devil is different from other devils because it can take in and let go of other devils.

Akane gives the Snake Devil her four fingernails in exchange for his power. The Snake Devil then eats its target when Akane says “devour completely.” When Akane says “release,” the devil gives its target back.

Who is Akane Sawatari In Chainsaw Man

The manga shows that all Akane has to do say “tail” to call the Snake Devil’s tail. The only downside is that Akane can’t use her devil powers when her hands are tied together or held. She attacks by moving her hands.

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