Why Did Dream Get Trapped In The Sandman? Is Dream Dead?

Anyone who has finished watching The Sandman knows that it’s not a show you can watch with one eye while scrolling through Instagram with the other. Dream goes out into the waking world to stop one of his creations from going rogue, but he runs into trouble while he’s there.

Lucienne tells Dream that going into the real world is dangerous, but he doesn’t listen to her. This turns out to be the worst thing that could happen to him.

The mesmerizing adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s wonderful story needs your full attention because it often answers the most important questions in a way that you might miss if you blink. For example, how did Roderick Burgess’s trap catch Dream instead of Death?

Why Did Dream Get Trapped In The Sandman?

Roderick Burgess was an old man who liked to be called “Magus.” He knew a little bit about magic and otherworldly things. He finds out that there is a way to bring back his older son, who died in battle. He gets the things he needs and starts a ritual that is meant to trap the Angel of Death so that he can convince death to bring back his son.

All the while, he looks down on his younger son, Alex. He does the ritual, but instead of catching Death, he catches Dream, who was out trying to catch The Corinthian, his worst nightmare. Roderick doesn’t know he did something wrong, so he takes Dream’s tools and keeps him trapped inside a magical containment circle.

The Corinthian goes to Roderick’s house and tells him that he has Dreamed of the Endless in his hands. He says that Roderick won’t be able to get his son back, but that there may be other benefits. So Roderick puts the lord in jail and keeps offering to set him free in exchange for money or being able to live forever.

Out of spite, Dream doesn’t say a word and just takes his captivity. Alex decides to pay his prisoner one last visit since he is now an old man living out his last days.

He tells him that his refusal to answer was what kept him locked up for so long. As he gets into his wheelchair and is taken away, the containment circle is finally broken, letting Dream get away. Watch The Sandman Now.

Is Dream Dead In The Sandman?

Dream does not die in The Sandman on Netflix, which is good news. But he almost gets there. At the beginning of the show, Roderick Burgess (Charles Dance) captures him, and it looks like he might die or never get out.

At the end of episode 1, the glass cage he’s trapped in breaks, and he’s able to get out. Once he’s free, he realizes that he needs to get his valuable things back.

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