Unraveling the Mystery of the Boy in 1899: Did He Really Die?

The Netflix series ‘1899’ was created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese and recounts the trip of the Kerberos ship from London to New York. Many migrants attempting to escape their pasts and begin a fresh life in the New World are aboard the ship. During its route, Kerberos strangely encounters the four-month-missing steamer Prometheus.

Captain Eyk, a few crew members, and Maura Franklin, a passenger, board the Prometheus to search for survivors. Everything on the ship is smashed, and it appears that a hurricane has struck Prometheus. Even more disturbing is the fact that Maura and Eyk discover a tiny child confined inside a cabinet while holding a small pyramid.

The Captain and Maura ponder how a single boy could have survived a catastrophic event. Maura saves the youngster and brings him to her chamber to learn what happened to Prometheus, but the boy remains silent. Instead, he whispers to her that she must ask the Creator, who is always listening. Who is the boy, then? Let’s find out.

Who is the Boy In 1899?

Elliot is the boy’s name, and Maura and Daniel are his parents. Elliot goes missing after a string of bad things happen, and no one knows where he is. Maura and Eyk go down the shaft in Maura’s room to find him. They end up next to a grave outside of Maura’s father’s mental hospital.

Who is the Boy In 1899

It is the same place where Elliot was the last time Maura saw him. Maura and Eyk run into Daniel while they are looking around the hospital. When they see that the mysterious person is holding a remote, they don’t trust him. Before a fight could happen, Daniel used his remote to send Eyk to Prometheus in the archive.

This scared Maura. Daniel tries to reassure her that he’s on her side and even tells her that he’s her husband to prove it. Daniel tries to tell her that nothing she sees is real and that she needs to wake up to the truth. Then and only then will she remember who Daniel really is. Maura, who was already scared, is scared to death after hearing this, so she locks Daniel up.

After that, she goes to the room where Daniel and Maura had been sleeping. She first sees the bed, which brings back some memories. Maura also sees a few pictures of Daniel, Elliot, and herself in which she is with them. Even Daniel has reached the room by now and told her that Elliot is, in fact, their son.

When Maura asks why she doesn’t remember any of this, Daniel says it’s because she didn’t want to remember how painful it was. He makes Maura get up and tells her to remember everything. If not, she will be stuck in the simulation for good. Even though the message is hard to understand, Maura’s father Henry tells Elliot the truth when he finds him and talks to him later.

Who is the Boy In 1899

Henry tells him how Daniel and Maura knew he was sick and would die. Elliot was in a lot of pain, so Maura made a whole simulation to keep him alive. Henry needs Elliot’s pyramid, which has a keyhole, to end this simulation. Maura holds the key to this. Henry tells Daniel and Maura that he will kill Elliot if he doesn’t get the key from Elliot.

Does Elliot Die?

In actuality, Elliot succumbs to his disease and dies. Maura is unable to endure the grief and wants to forget that Elliot ever existed while yet wishing for his survival. Thus, Maura develops a simulation in which Elliot can live forever, even though she does not remember him. The burial outside Henry’s mental institution suggests that Elliot is deceased, although this is not directly stated.

In addition, the fact that Maura and her husband Daniel’s first-ever simulation was a bunker beneath the grave added to the mystery. It is almost as though Elliot’s parents attempted to construct a home for him where he lies.

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