The Deadly Secret: Did Homelander Really Kill Black Noir?

Known for its shocking plot twists, Amazon’s The Boys constantly keeps its audience on edge with unexpected bombshells. In this cut-throat world, alliances and loyalties mean nothing as everyone has secrets and ulterior motives. Homelander, despite being the most powerful Supe, understands the importance of aligning himself with the right people.

However, his explosive temper often leads him to murder those who have wronged him, especially if they keep secrets from him. In the seventh episode, Homelander discovers that Soldier Boy is his father, but he also realizes that others knew about this secret and kept it hidden from him.

Black Noir, who has been privy to Vought’s dirty laundry for years, is one such person who knew about this secret. Unfortunately, this revelation proves to be fatal for him. To find out did Homelander kills Noir, read this article.

Who is Black Noir?

For years, Black Noir has been an enigmatic figure among the Seven, keeping to himself and only emerging when Vought required him for their unsavory tasks. However, in the upcoming third season, we will finally get a glimpse behind the curtain of his character, shedding light on the factors that make him such a captivating and complex presence.

Did Homelander Kill Noir

Throughout his time with the Seven, it has been evident that Noir’s allegiance lies solely with Vought, with no regard for other Supes and a lack of solidarity with them. Not even Homelander, who considers Noir his closest confidant, has managed to forge a true friendship with the inscrutable character.

Did Homelander Kill Noir?

Black Noir was aware of Homelander’s unstable nature and the fact that Soldier Boy was his father. However, he kept this secret hidden, knowing that Homelander would be devastated to find out that he had eliminated his only family. Homelander had always been on the lookout for his family, and when he learned about his son, Ryan, he went to great lengths to find him.

We witness Homelander’s love for Ryan, who has grown up in a laboratory and has only his blood ties to rely on for a sense of family. Similarly, Homelander feels a sense of kinship with Soldier Boy, who he no longer has to feel alone with now that he has a son and a father.

With three generations of superheroes under one roof, they are an unbeatable force, and Homelander no longer has to be wary of those who plot against him.

Black Noir understood Homelander’s sentiments and knew that revealing the truth about Soldier Boy would lead to Homelander delving into his past, ultimately resulting in Noir’s death, a prediction that unfortunately came true.

In the end, Homelander is killed by Black Noir, who turns out to be a clone of the powerful Supe. Black Noir was told to kill Homelander if he ever went against the interests of the Vought-America corporation.

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Black Noir ends up being the biggest superhuman threat in the series, and Homelander is killed off-screen in a way that is both a thrilling twist and a perfect blow to how the character has been portrayed all along.

Did Homelander Kill Noir

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