How Riley Poole Helped the Main Group In National Treasure: Edge of History?

If you are a fan of the National Treasure film series, you are likely familiar with the character of Riley Poole. He is a key figure in the franchise, serving as a loyal sidekick to protagonist Benjamin Gates.

But who is Riley Poole, and what role does he play in the latest installment, National Treasure: Edge of History?

Who is Riley Poole in National Treasure: Edge of History?

Riley Poole is portrayed by actor Justin Bartha, who has appeared in all three National Treasure movies. In the latest episode of “National Treasure: Edge of History,” fans were treated to the return of a beloved character from the franchise, Riley Poole. While Peter Sadusky had made an appearance in earlier episodes, Poole's guest appearance in episode 4 brought back some nostalgia for fans of the series and hinted at what's to come.

Who is Riley Poole in National Treasure: Edge of History and How Riley Poole Helped the Main Group Who is Riley Poole in National Treasure: Edge of History?

Throughout the show, there have been constant reminders of the ties to the “National Treasure” films, both good and bad. Poole's appearance was the latest nod to the franchise, as he attends Sadusky's wake, having been invited by his daughter-in-law along with many other familiar faces.

Since his last appearance in the films, Poole has been busy with a successful career as an author and podcast host, which he shares with the characters in the latest episode. He even reveals that his podcast is being turned into a streaming series, adding to the excitement for fans of the franchise.

Overall, the return of Riley Poole in “National Treasure: Edge of History” serves as a reminder of the beloved characters and thrilling adventures that fans have come to know and love, while also teasing what's in store for the future of the franchise.

How Riley Poole Helped the Main Group?

Riley Poole's guest appearance in “National Treasure: Edge of History” proved to be a valuable one for the main group, as he helped them advance to the next stage of their hunt. Along the way, he also drops a bombshell on Jess, revealing that there may be a traitor among her group of friends.

While Poole's presence provided plenty of excitement, he also teased fans with hints about what he and Ben have been up to since the second “National Treasure” film. The clue he provides about their current adventure is the same one shown at the end of the previous film's cliffhanger ending.

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While this could potentially lead to a follow-up and the highly anticipated third film, or even a Ben Gates appearance in “Edge of History,” for now, it seems to be just a nod to fans. Regardless, Poole's appearance adds to the overall enjoyment of the show, as fans get to see a beloved character once again helping out in the hunt for treasure.

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