How Cassie’s Talent and Hard Work Led to Her Record Deal In Purple Hearts?

Cassie is an incredibly talented artist who has gained a lot of attention recently for her music. However, one question that many people have been asking is, “how did Cassie get a record deal in Purple Hearts?” This article will explore Cassie’s journey to securing a record deal in the competitive music industry.

Before delving into how Cassie got her record deal, it’s important to understand who she is and what she represents. Cassie is an American singer, model, and actress who rose to fame in the early 2000s.

She first gained attention for her modeling career before transitioning into music.

How Did Cassie Get a Record Deal In Purple Hearts?

While Luke was stationed in Iraq, he would regularly video call Cassie. During one of these calls, he convinced her to sing an original song that she had been working on for the soldiers. Cassie had never shared her original music with anyone, but she was thrilled to see that her song “Come Back Home,” which was influenced by the war, was received so well by the troops.

How Did Cassie Get a Record Deal In Purple Hearts

In a later conversation with Luke, Cassie revealed that she had posted the demo online and sent it to several small labels in the hopes of getting recognition. She also mentioned that an indie music website had positively reviewed one of their gigs, which led to a booker reading it.

This resulted in The Royal, their band, getting a slot at the Oceanside Alt-Fest. After a successful set at the festival, Cassie posted a song from their set online, which was picked up for the Road Trip playlist and received over 200,000 plays.

The night of The Royal’s performance at the pub where Cassie worked was a pleasant surprise, as the crowd already knew the lyrics to their songs. Unfortunately, Luke’s injury on the battlefield put a damper on their success for a while. However, The Royal’s popularity eventually landed Cassie an audition with a label that was interested in signing her.

It was no surprise when she nailed the opportunity. However, at the same time, Cassie was dealing with the news of a break-in at her mom’s place, and it turned out that Luke’s former drug dealer was responsible for it. The high of their success was broken when she received news that Luke had been apprehended for a fake marriage.

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Later, she rushed to see Luke before he was taken in for his detention and confessed her love for him. To her surprise, Luke congratulated her on her record deal, and they both realized that the concert wasn’t the only positive development that came from her struggles.

Cassie’s musical journey was an integral part of the narrative, and despite the troubles in her life, it was the only thing that kept her sane and eventually allowed her to clearly discover her feelings.

How Did Cassie Get a Record Deal In Purple Hearts

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