The Swimmers: What Happened to the Mardini Sisters and Do Other Refugees Find Happiness?

“The Swimmers” on Netflix is a film based on the true story of Yusra and Sara Mardini’s journey as refugees from Syria. The film depicts the struggles faced by the Mardini sisters, along with their younger sister Shehad, mother Mervat, and father and swim coach Ezzat, as they flee Syria and embark on a challenging journey to Germany, accompanied by their cousin Nizar.

The film highlights how the Mardini sisters saved 18 people from drowning in the sea during their journey, and eventually made it to Berlin where they initially lived in a refugee camp. The story also focuses on Yusra’s determination to participate in the Refugee Olympics, which led her to train with coach Sven for the 2016 Olympics in Rio, where she won one of her heats.

Sara, on the other hand, becomes an activist for refugee rights. Despite the difficulties they faced, both sisters remain committed to achieving their goals. To learn more about the Mardini Sisters’ journey in “The Swimmers,” read the article.

What Happened to Mardini Sisters In The Swimmers?

The conclusion of “The Swimmers” depicts a poignant ending for the Mardini sisters. Yusra’s exceptional swimming skills and commendable reputation are showcased, and the film reveals that she has been appointed as the UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.

What Happened to Mardini Sisters In the Swimmers

In contrast, Sara decides to pursue a path of refugee activism rather than continuing with swimming. However, her work in Lesbos resulted in her arrest in 2018, and she faced multiple charges.

Do Other Refugees Have a Happy Ending?

As the film ‘The Swimmers’ progresses, the focus gradually shifts away from the other refugees, and their storylines become less relevant to the main plot. While this may be seen as a flaw in the storytelling, it’s hard not to wonder what became of them. Throughout the film, we see that, except for Emad, most of the refugees are apprehended and sent back to their home countries.

Interestingly, Nizar, who is a cousin of the Mardini sisters, seems to have found a more stable life than those who risked everything to escape.

Does the Family of Mardini Reunite?

In the film’s outro, we learn that the Mardini family does reunite. Although it’s unclear what the family endured in war-torn Syria before the sisters fled, it’s known that they all eventually ended up in Berlin.

What Happened to Mardini Sisters In the Swimmers

While there’s little information about how they managed to escape, we do know that they stayed in the city. Despite the many subplots in the film, the audience is relieved to discover the fate of the Mardini family.

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