In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal: How Maple Jeong Uncovered Myeong-Seok’s Dark Secrets?

In the Name of God: a Holy Betrayal: Maple Yip, who used to be one of Jeong Myeong-favorite seok’s people, reveals the truth about the man she used to pray to. Maple Yip, a student from Hong Kong who is 28 years old, joined JMS in 2012. She was one of Jeong Myeong-favorite seok’s students.

From November 2018 to September 2021, he abused her and tried to change her mind. In 2022, Maple Yip broke out of JMS and revealed Myeong-face. seok’s This made the government look into the self-proclaimed god again.

In this first part, we’ll talk about these questions: How did Maple Jeong tell on Myeong-Seok in “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal”?

Who is Maple Yip From In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal?

Maple Yip is 28 years old. She was born in Hong Kong and has been going to JMS since 2012. She was one of Jeong Myeong-favorite Seok’s students from November 2018 to September 2021. During that time, he hurt her and tried to change her mind.
In 2022, Yip got away from JMS and revealed Myeong-Seok.

In the Name of God: a Holy Betrayal: How Did Maple Jeong Expose Myeong-Seok?

This made the government look into the self-proclaimed god again. While she was still in high school, some of JMS’s supporters approached her at a mall, pretending to be students.

How Did Maple Reveal Jeong Myeong-secret? Seok’s

Maple didn’t understand what was going on at JMS and didn’t feel like she could talk to anyone about it. Even though she didn’t speak Korean, she often had to translate for foreign stars who didn’t speak Korean. One day, a star from another planet reached out to Maple and asked if she had also been attacked.

The star then told Maple that many of the other stars had also been attacked. Because of this conversation, Maple made the hard decision to leave JMS. She told the organization that it had been a year since she had seen her parents and that she missed them very much. She also promised that she would be back soon.

On the same day that Maple got a shot, Jeong Myeong-seok came to her house and beat her up again. But Maple recorded their talk that night without them knowing. Maple came forward and said what she thought was the truth about Jeong Myeong-seok.

After going to Hong Kong, she came back to Korea on March 16, 2022, for a press conference where she bravely talked about the terrible things Jeong Myeong-seok had done to her.

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Maple’s Relationship With Jeong Myeong-Seok: How She Became His Favorite?

After serving 10 years in prison, Jeong Myeong-sok was released and resumed his career by putting on several large events for his admirers. At these huge performances, he showcased Maple’s fantastic singing voice, which the audience adored. Nonetheless, Maple found prolonged singing to be tiresome, and she pleaded not to be required to sing.

In response, she was offered the position of news anchor and began hosting Providence News under the name Jeong Soo-jeong, which was bestowed upon her by Jeong Myeong-seok. During her stay with JMS, Maple held several positions, including that of model, missionary, probationer, and pastor.

She became one of the most prominent members of JMS, and Jeong Myeong-affection seok’s for her was clear to all. Maple even beseeched God to help her love Jeong Myeong-seok through prayer.

Jeong Myeong-seok promised Maple that he would allow her to sit next to him on a golf cart while he was incarcerated, and he kept his word. This act of fulfillment increased Maple’s regard for him.

Did Jeong Myeong-seok Really Get Arrested?

The JMS tried to stop Maple from talking to the team behind “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” for an interview. Even though they tried to stop her, Maple was still determined to speak out against Jeong Myeong-seok, so they followed her to the set. Some people on the Internet criticized Maple and her family for having the courage to come forward.

In the Name of God: a Holy Betrayal: How Did Maple Jeong Expose Myeong-Seok?

However, others, including investigators and victims, felt bad that they couldn’t stop Jeong Myeong-seok when he was first caught years ago. One of the victims is now Maple, who was just a baby at the time. Maple’s father was by her side the whole time, giving her his unwavering support as she bravely exposed the fake messiah. Maple turned to art as a way to deal with her anger and found that she had a hidden talent for drawing.

Jeong Myeong-seok kept saying that he was innocent, and he even hired a powerful law firm to defend him. But on October 4, 2022, the court issued an arrest warrant for him because of the terrible things he had done.

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