Maestro in Blue Ending Explained: Who Had Killed Haralambos?

The romantic drama series “Maestro in Blue” is Netflix’s first-ever Greek series, and the production quality is evident from the stunning visuals of the sunny Mediterranean island filled with warm and vibrant colors. However, despite the visual splendor, there are very few memorable aspects of this nine-episode series.

The story revolves around Orestis, a musician who arrives at the island of Paxos to help conduct the local music festival and gets involved with a set of characters. Unfortunately, “Maestro in Blue” feels unnecessarily drawn out, with unconvincing plot points and clueless characters.

In this article, we will discuss the ending of “Maestro in Blue” and who killed Haralambos.

Maestro in Blue Ending Explained: Who Had Killed Haralambos?

In each episode of “Maestro in Blue,” a murder is teased, and it is eventually revealed to be that of Haralambos, which occurred just before the music festival. The exact manner of the murder and who committed it are only revealed in the final episode. By this time, Spyros and Antonis are in love and comfortable being open about it.

"Maestro in Blue" Ending Explained: Who Had Killed Haralambos

Spyros frequently practices shooting in the woods with Antonis, taking his rifle with him. During one such trip, Haralambos follows the boys and catches them in the act. In a fit of rage, Haralambos beats up Spyros and is about to hit him with a stone, but Antonis shoots and kills Haralambos in order to protect Spyros.

Orestis, who witnessed the altercation, takes Haralambos’ body to his house, and Fanis is called for help. Together, they devise a plan to dispose of the body, making it look like an accident or suicide. Alexandra helps clean up the mess at Orestis’ house, and the music festival proceeds without any repercussions from Haralambos’ death.

After the festival, Orestis chooses to leave Paxos with his ex-wife Alexandra and their child, but he chooses a different room on a different floor of the house, indicating that he is not romantically involved with her. This decision is a shock to Klelia, who had imagined a future with Orestis.

She is broken and only has Thanos beside her, who had promised to be with her once Orestis left. Klelia may marry Thanos and lead a simple life on Paxos, giving up her aspirations of leaving the island. Fanis wins the mayoral election, which brings him happiness.

How Spyros Come Out in Front of Everyone?

Following a night spent with Antonis, Spyros hesitates to descend the stairs with him. Antonis expresses his dissatisfaction, stating that he cannot continue to be left hanging and that Spyros must be courageous. Spyros, feeling challenged, swiftly descends the stairs and welcomes Antonis’ family, even joining them for breakfast.

This angers Fanis, who is frustrated that both of his children disobey his orders. He threatens to evict them, but Sofia stops him, pointing out that he is not as trustworthy as their children.

Sofia threatens Fanis that if he attempts to inform Charalambos about Spyros, she would report their unlawful acts to the Athens police, even if it implicates herself.

"Maestro in Blue" Ending Explained: Who Had Killed Haralambos

Do Orestis and Klelia Get Together?

Fanis tells Orestis in the car that he made the right choice and that no one needs to know what happened. Spyros even lies to his mom. After the music festival went well, Orestis and Alexandra left right away, leaving Klelia to look for him without success. She sits by herself and looks out at the sea.

Thanos comes to help her feel better, and she runs into his arms. Thanos had said before that Orestis was just passing through, and he had promised Klelia that he would be there for her when he was done with her.

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But now Klelia is all alone and has a broken heart.

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