One of Us is Lying Season 2 Ending Explained: Will Simon Says Return to Season 3?

The second season of “One of Us is Lying” left fans with a shocking ending that had them wondering if the popular character, Simon Says, will return for the third season. In the final episode, the members of the Murder Club were faced with the challenge of discovering the true identity of their blackmailer, Simon Says, who had been threatening to reveal their secret.

With unexpected twists and turns, the season came to an intense conclusion, leaving viewers eager to know what the future holds for the beloved characters. In this article, we will break down the ending of season 2 and explore the possibilities of Simon Says’ return in season 3.

One of Us is Lying Season 2 Ending Explained

Bronwyn, Nate, Addy, Cooper, and Janae of The Murder Club attempt to return to their normal teenage lives after accidentally killing Jake and disposing of his body on Halloween night. However, their plans to move on are disrupte

The group initially believes that Simon Says knows nothing about the events of that fateful Halloween night, but they soon discover that their blackmailer is not bluffing.

One of Us is Lying Season 2 Ending Explained: Will Simon Says Return to Season 3?

To make matters worse, Simon Says sends Addy the gun she used to kill Jake in self-defense, and they also have a video from Halloween night that proves the group’s presence in the woods when Jake disappeared. The Murder Club members must once again work together to stay alive and out of prison.

Meanwhile, Vanessa continues to live-stream her theories about Jake’s disappearance, planning to expose what she believes is the truth with the help of her followers. Maeve becomes suspicious of her sister, Bronwyn, and her friends, knowing they are hiding something from her. After confronting Bronwyn, Maeve decides to help them by using her hacking skills.

Vanessa releases an interview with Giselle, who claims to have had an affair with Jake that started when they first met on holiday in Greece. Giselle finds a bullet casing in the woods during Vanessa’s “Justice for Jake” search, leading The Murder Club to believe that Giselle is their blackmailer.

Maeve uses her hacking skills to communicate with Simon Says, pretending to be Giselle, and plans a meeting at the abandoned water park. The group finds Giselle’s dead body, realizing that they are back at square one in their search for their true enemy.

The Murder Club decides to turn themselves in, except for Maeve, believing it to be the only way to end the twisted game of Simon Says. However, as they arrive at the police station to confess to Jake’s murder, they see on the news that TJ has been arrested for Giselle’s murder.

Knowing that turning themselves in will not stop Simon Says, the group realizes they must find their blackmailer to put an end to the game.

Does the Murder Club Catch Fiona?

The Murder Club reaches the conclusion that there is no solid evidence to prove that Fiona killed Giselle. However, they come up with a plan to frame her for Jake’s murder by hiding the murder weapon in her car. Maeve expresses doubts about the plan since Fiona’s fingerprints are not on the gun, and she reminds the group about the video that Fiona has.

Despite Maeve’s concerns, the group sees the video as their best chance to stop Fiona. Maeve, aware that their plan will fail, secretly joins forces with Fiona, who promises to delete the video permanently if Maeve delivers Addy to her. Maeve agrees to Fiona’s terms, hoping to keep her sister out of prison.

Fiona reveals that Jake was her soulmate, and his death caused her immense pain, leading her to seek revenge. Before Fiona could harm Addy, Maeve manages to get Fiona’s fingerprints on the gun and deletes the video, rescuing Addy in the process.

Fiona realizes Maeve has betrayed her, and in a fit of rage, she burns down the yacht and attempts to flee. Bronwyn pursues her, but Fiona stabs her. The police arrive and arrest Fiona before she can escape.

What Occurs With Fiona?

Cole, who is Jake’s brother, goes to visit Fiona in prison. He asks Fiona if she knows the reason behind Jake’s act of killing Simon. Fiona thinks that Simon might have known about the secret that caused Jake to go to rehab.

Cole is surprised to hear Fiona mention Jake’s secret, which nobody else knows about. Later on, while Fiona is inside her cell, she dies after consuming her lunch, which was poisoned.

Will Simon Says Return to Season 3?

Season 2 of “One of Us is Lying” ended with a shocking twist, leaving fans wondering what’s next for the Murder Club. However, there are speculations that the story might take an unexpected turn if Maeve, Bronwyn’s little sister, takes over as the new “Simon Says” in Season 3.

One of Us is Lying Season 2 Ending Explained: Will Simon Says Return to Season 3?

Maeve’s technological proficiency and previous relationship with Simon could make her an ideal candidate for the role, but her involvement in the incident at graduation raises questions about her true intentions. Despite betraying the group to save their lives, Maeve was often overlooked and excluded, and her efforts went unappreciated.

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Could she have been desperate enough to bring “Simon Says” back for revenge and to earn respect from the group? Or was there something else that went awry by graduation? Only time will tell if Maeve will return as the new mastermind behind the game, and what her true motivations will be.

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