The Night Agent Ending Explained: Did Peter Succeed in Saving President Travers?

The story of “The Night Agent” on Netflix is about Peter Sutherland, a young FBI agent who gets caught up in a plot that could be very bad for his country. In the ten episodes, he figures out what the bad guys are up to and how to stop them. He also starts to doubt the loyalty of everyone else.

Peter’s whole life is at risk because he wants to find out the truth, even though he’s been trying to stay out of dangerous situations ever since his father died.

In this article, we’ll get into the details of The Night Agent’s ending and try to explain everything that happened to the President and Peter in the book’s last pages.

Who is the Man Who Has a Tattoo of a Rattlesnake?

Colin Worley, the man with the tattoo of a rattlesnake, kidnapped Maddie Redfield. It was revealed that a year before, Wick had tasked Worley with planting a bomb in the metro, but Peter’s meddling foiled his plans. Wick ordered Worley’s execution to conceal his involvement, which resulted in the unfortunate death of Worley’s twin brother, Matteo.

Worley has adopted his brother’s name in a sick effort of vengeance and is now pursuing Wick, Farr, and Redfield by kidnapping Redfield’s daughter. His ultimate objective is to compel Redfield to accept responsibility for the subway explosion and avenge the loss of his brother.

Did Peter Succeed in Saving President Travers?

The Night Agent Ending Explained: Did Peter Succeed in Saving President Travers?

Wick and Redfield change their plans without telling Farr because they are afraid that she would not agree to kill President Travers. When Farr finds out about this, he joins forces with Peter and Rose to break into Camp David. They set up two bombs: one in the mansion where President Travers is going to meet with Zadar, and the other on the plane that the President is going to take to meet with Zadar.

Unfortunately, there is no way to get in touch with the President’s security detail because the communications are down. Rose is able to fix the communications, so Arrington, who is there to protect Maddie, can let everyone know. Maddie is taken away safely before the bomb goes off.

Peter gets in touch with President Travers and convinces her bodyguards that there is a bomb on the plane. Everyone is sure that the bomb has gone off when it does, and President Travers is safe.

Where Does Gordon Wick Go?

As a businessman, Wick saw that having control over the President could be good for him. He helped Redfield carry out the plan by using his power and influence to kill anyone who could be a threat, including Redfield’s own daughter. Even though Wick was involved, he kept a safe distance and watched what was going on at Camp David from afar.

After the chaos, he used what he had as a chance to get away, even though he knew he would be charged with trying to kill the President. Wick’s only chance to avoid a life sentence or death sentence is to avoid being caught, which seems possible given that he has access to tools and information.

On the other hand, Redfield was stuck in the panic room and couldn’t get out. In the end, Wick goes out of sight, leaving behind the chaos he helped make.

Does Diane Farr Die In The Night Agent?

Diane Farr is a character in “The Night Agent” who does strange things. At first, Peter gives her his full trust because he thinks she is the only honest person in the White House. But Rose isn’t sure, and she’s right when it turns out that Farr is the one who told the killers about Peter and Rose and tried to have them killed.

Peter and Rose first think that Farr was behind the bombing of the metro, but they later find out that she joined forces with Redfield and Wick after the attack. Like them, she didn’t want Omar Zadar to be her friend and wanted him killed. Farr helps Peter and Rose break into Camp David when she finds out that the President is the new target.

During the mission, one of Redfield’s men shoots Farr in the back. For a moment, it looks like she has died. After the President is saved and the bombs are taken care of, Rose goes back and finds that Farr is still alive. Rose wants to get back at Farr because he was the one who had her aunt, uncle, and Lorna killed.

Farr thinks that Rose is going to kill her, but Rose decides to keep Farr alive. Instead, she wants Farr to go to court and face justice so that everyone can find out how bad her crimes are and how many people she has killed.

Rose is determined that Farr will spend the rest of her life in prison so that her family can get justice.

The Night Agent Ending Explained

Peter Sutherland, a lower-ranking FBI agent, finds a bomb on a metro train full of people. He is able to stop the train in time, saving most of the people on board. One person is killed by the explosion, which is sad. While Peter is getting better, he sees a suspicious person who he thinks did the bombing, but he can’t catch him.

The Night Agent Ending Explained: Did Peter Succeed in Saving President Travers?

The only thing he notices about the suspect is a rattlesnake tattoo. Gordon Wick gets away, but Farr and Redfield are caught. President Michelle Travers offers to give Peter a reward for his bravery, and Peter asks about his father. Peter finds out from a video that his father was a double agent who sold secrets to a foreign agent.

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The foreign agent then killed his father to stop him from helping the FBI. Peter’s skills impress President Travers so much that he offers him the job of Night Agent. Peter and Rose say goodbye, but they say they’ll keep in touch. Maddie turns down extra protection and decides to learn how to defend herself instead. Arrington is offered a job on President Travers’ security detail.

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