The Climactic Ending of Furies: Does Bi Survive the Gang War?

The Vietnamese action film “Furies” on Netflix is directed by Veronica Ngo and stars her as the main character. The film takes place in the 1990s and is a loose prequel to the smash hit action film “Furie,” which came out in 2019. It tells the story of Bi, a young orphan girl who is trained by the mysterious Jacqueline, aka Aunt Lin, to become a highly skilled killer (Ngo).

As Bi gets used to her new home and makes friends with two other girls from similar backgrounds, she is thrown into the criminal world of the neon-lit city. Bi and the other assassins try to kill a powerful mob boss while learning about Jacqueline’s past. Read this article to find out. Will Bi make it through the Gang War?

Does Bi Survive the Gang War?

After helping Jacqueline finish her strange quest for revenge, Bi decides to leave. She takes an injured Thanh with her. But Jacqueline doesn’t want to give up Thanh, an assassin she trusts and who has been trained well. Thanh pulls at her heartstrings, making her hate Bi and want to kill her.

But since Hong’s death, Thanh and Bi’s relationship has grown stronger, and Thanh realizes she was wrong. She goes against Jacqueline’s orders and doesn’t kill Bi. Instead, she shoots Jacqueline, who was expecting Thanh to betray her, and kills her in return. Bi fights Jacqueline out of anger, but at first, she can’t beat her.

The Climactic Ending of Furies: Does Bi Survive the Gang War?

But she uses Jacqueline’s wound against her and kills her in the end. Bi is the only person left alive after the bloody fight. The police save him, but he gets 15 years in prison. After she is freed, Bi changes her name to Thanh Sói to honor her sister and the close relationship they had. Even though their journey was strange, Bi, Hong, and Thanh’s relationship as sisters turned out to be the closest thing they had to a family.

In the 2019 film “Furie,” Bi becomes a ruthless child trafficker because of what she went through in the past. This makes the ending of the story a shocking reveal and makes the film an original story for the film’s villain.

Does Hong Die at the End?

Lin sends the girls to Hai’s club to set a trap for him and kill him. Bi and Hong take Hai to a private suite where they try to kill him, but their plan fails, and he gets away while telling his minions to attack. The girls get into a dangerous fight with a big group of men, and Hong dies in the fight.

Unfortunately, Long sees her being killed, but he keeps his feelings to himself to keep his cover. Bi and Thanh get away on a motorcycle, fight off more attackers and then go home. Bi goes up to Lin and accuses her of using them to kill Hai for her own reasons.

Lin is adamant that Hai needs to be killed to protect the women who are constantly abused and raped by Hai’s gang. She also tells him that her husband and son were killed by the drug lord.

Does Jacqueline Kill Hai?

At gunpoint, Jacqueline threatens to murder Hai while attempting to get Long to rejoin his forces. In retaliation, Jacqueline shoots Long, blaming him for Hai’s failure to prevent the murder of her husband. She proves her authority over Hai by killing Long. When Hai begs for forgiveness and offers to return to Hoang’s territory in exchange for his life, Jacqueline seeks vengeance for the loss of her son and shoots him.

Despite avenging her son, Jacqueline continues her mission and seeks to retake her husband’s domain, confirming Bi’s belief that Jacqueline values control over justice and the girls’ well-being.

The Climactic Ending of Furies

At the beginning of “Furies,” we meet Bi, a young girl who is raped by a drunk man. The man kills her mother when she tries to help her. Bi then kills the man with a knife. She runs away to Saigon, where she lives on the streets and steals to make a living. Bi is a grown woman who often gets into trouble with local thugs after a time jump.

One night, when she is about to be attacked, Aunt Lin, who also goes by the name of Jacqueline, saves her. She takes Bi under her wing. Aunt Lin introduces Bi to her other students, Hong and Thanh, who are also looking for justice after being s*xually assaulted. Aunt Lin teaches them martial arts and tells them to watch out for Hai chó iên and his crew, who run a gang in the city that deals in s*x and drugs.

The Climactic Ending of Furies: Does Bi Survive the Gang War?

But Long, Hong’s boyfriend, is also in the gang. He works undercover for Aunt Lin. Bi can’t open up to her new teammates because of her trauma, but she trains hard, and Aunt Lin gives them their first mission. They are supposed to sneak into a factory run by Hai’s gang were kidnapped girls are being held until they can be sold.

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The three men are able to free the girls and destroy the place, but the violence and bloodshed upset Bi. As the gang keeps getting rid of the men who abuse women s*xually, Hai starts to get suspicious, and Long warns them. But the girls think of each other as family, and Aunt Lin is in charge.

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