Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending: What Happened to the Kirigan?

The fantasy show “Shadow and Bone” on Netflix is based on two sets of books by Israeli-American author Leigh Bardugo: the “Shadow and Bone” trilogy and the “Six of Crows” duology. The season 2 finale of “Shadow and Bone” left fans with a lot of questions about what would happen to their favorite characters, especially Kirigan, who is a complicated and interesting bad guy.

After a season full of twists and turns, it’s not surprising that people want to know what happened to the powerful Grisha leader. There are so many loose ends to tie up that it’s hard to know where to start, but we’ll look at the clues to figure out what may have happened to Kirigan and what that could mean for the rest of the series.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending

Alina and Mal run away to Novyi Zem because they want to find another amplifier and be free to travel the world together. But Lieutenant Bohdan finds them and stops what they were going to do. When a reward is put on Alina’s head, many people come looking for her to get the money.

They are helped by a group of pirates led by the smooth and charming Sturmhond, who would rather be called a “privateer” than a pirate. Sturmhond turns out to be a good inventor, and he helps Alina and Mal find the second amplifier, the mythical Sea Whip. Even though they do find it, Alina has trouble controlling its power.

She sees the Darkling and feels like she has no control. Kirigan, meanwhile, has made it out of the Fold and is now controlling shadow monsters called Nichevo’ya. He sets the Grisha prisoners in the second army free and wins their loyalty, but Genya and David leave him because he is crazy.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending: What Happened to the Kirigan?

Genya is taken by the Darkling and scarred by his monsters, but with the help of Baghra, she is able to get away. Kaz is in charge of the Crows. He is trying to get his club back from Pekka, who killed Kaz’s brother. Nina joins them on their mission and becomes an official member of the group, which helps them a lot.

Even though she tried to get Matthias out of the Hellgate prison, Pekka took control of him, and not even an official pardon could get him out. After the Crows find a legendary sword and help Alina beat Kirigan’s shadow army, Inej gets her freedom and goes to look for her brother. As the final battle against the Darkling gets closer, Mal finds out the truth about his fate and his family’s history.

He gives up his life as a sacrifice to destroy the Fold and defeat the main bad guy. To get him back, Alina does something that is against the rules and has a bad effect on her. Meanwhile, Mal goes on a new journey of his own.

How Did Alina Make Mal Live Again?

Alina can beat the Fold because Mal gave his life, but she can’t stand to lose him. In a way that is similar to what Morozova did with his daughter hundreds of years ago, Alina uses Merzost to bring Mal back to life. Nina finds out what Alina did and is upset by it. In the books, Tolya and Tamar Kir-Bataar use their Heartrender powers to bring Mal back to life.

However, this wouldn’t have been possible if Mal hadn’t been an amplifier and had two lives. But when he is brought back to life, he no longer has the ability to track. Merzost always comes at a high cost, as Baghra told Alina when she suggested making Nichevo’ya light. In the end, Alina has to pay for Mal’s resurrection because he is no longer an amplifier and has lost his link to her.

In the meantime, Alina and Nikolai are getting closer. At the end of the season, Mal agrees to pretend to be Sturmhond and leaves with the Kir-Bataar children. Even though Alina doesn’t have white hair as she does in the books, Mal could have come back to life because he had two lives.

What Happened to the Kirigan?

In the second season of Shadow and Bone, Alina Starkov kills General Kirigan, who is also known as the Darkling. Throughout the season, he spends his time trying to win Alina’s trust and bring her to his side, all while being infected by the Nichevo’ya he keeps inside of him. At first, it seems like the creatures’ powers are just too much for him, causing him to get sick with things like bloody coughs.

Later, though, it turns out that he can’t control the shadow monsters. They attack without him telling them to, killing many people, including Baghra. Kirigan attacks Mal in the final battle at the heart of the Fold, but Alina uses her light to launch a successful counterattack that kills Mal.

Even though the Fold is gone, Kirigan asks Alina to come with him again, but she stabs him with Sankta Neyar’s sword. The Darkling asks Alina to kill him when he is about to die. She then burns his body on a pyre at the place where he died.

Zoya and Genya are given the honor of starting the fire before her. Even though the Darkling could come back to life in future seasons (like in the books), he is still dead for now.

Is David Kostyk Dead?

Luke Pasqualino plays David Kostyk, an important supporting character in the TV show. In the second season, it looks like he was killed during the war. During Nichevo’ya’s attack, he uses his Durast skills to lock Genya Safin (played by Daisy Head) in a dumbwaiter and face the shadow creature.

Genya comes back from the battle and sees blood on the wall, which means that David has died. She finds a ruby and a drawing of a ring among David’s things, which makes her think that he was going to propose to her.

In the book, Fjerda attacks Os Kervo at the wedding of David and Genya, which causes him to die too soon. Because of this, we can say that David’s death was inevitable. In the second season, the show’s writers have taken a lot of creative liberties, and David’s story seems to be one of them.

What Occurs With Matthias?

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending: What Happened to the Kirigan?

In Shadow and Bone season 2, Nina is determined to rescue Matthias, the love of her life, from his captivity at Hellgate. She teams up with the Crows to get help in achieving her goal. With Kaz’s help, Nina makes several attempts to communicate with Matthias and help him escape.

A guard at Hellgate, who is loyal to Kaz, assists in keeping Matthias safe from being thrown into deadly fights between inmates and beasts known as “Hell shows.” However, when Pekka infiltrates Hellgate, he becomes a menacing presence, killing Matthias’s cellmate and coercing Matthias into fighting for him.

Despite this setback, Nina helps the Crows retrieve the legendary sword from Shu Han and assist Alina in defeating the Darkling. In return, Nikolai secures official pardons for both Nina and Matthias. Nina takes the pardon to Hellgate, but her attempts to free Matthias are hindered as he is forced to fight prison guards.

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His refusal to fight the sacred wolves of his religion leads to him being beaten and trampled on, while Nina’s letter of pardon gets lost in the chaos. For the time being, Matthias remains in captivity, while Nina becomes a member of the Crows, with the hope that she will continue her efforts to rescue him in the future.

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