Extrapolations Episode 4 Ending Explained: How Did Jonathan Stop Gita’s Plans?

The fourth episode of the dystopian drama series “Extrapolations,” which was made by Scott Z. Burns, came out. The show shows a world that is hurting because of what people have done, and this episode again focuses on one aspect of climate change.

In particular, it looks at how global temperatures are rising without being stopped and how a brilliant entrepreneur is trying to save the planet from the damage that people are doing. As with the previous episodes, this one jumps from 2047 to 2059. In the last episode, Miami was flooded, and the whole city had to be evacuated.

This showed how useless it is for people to try to stop the effects of nature’s wrath. In this episode, a woman does something extreme to help the Earth. Find out what happened in this episode and how Jonathan stopped Gita from doing what she wanted to do by reading on.

How Did Jonathan Stop Gita’s Plans?

In the fourth episode of “Extrapolations,” Cherry Jones plays President Elizabeth Burdick. In this episode, she signs the Climate Intervention Treaty, which bans all forms of geoengineering that change the climate artificially. Jonathan apparently told her to do this, but Rowan doesn’t agree and stops talking to his father for a few weeks.

Jonathan is worried about the way Rowan is acting, so he asks Martha Russell, who works at his old company Alpha, to find him. While this is going on, Jonathan and his stepmother, Gita Mishra, are in Djibouti getting ready for a big announcement. Gita started her tech career in Badlapur and is now the CEO and founder of New Sky Initiatives.

Extrapolations Episode 4 Ending Explained: How Did Jonathan Stop Gita's Plans?

She is launching the first unmanned, fully carbon-neutral, and able-to-stay-in-the-air forever cargo plane in the world. Gita tells buyers that she will be in the planes on their first flight to give them confidence. But warning signs start to show up when Gita compares herself to a god, changes the access codes, and changes the plane’s original destination to Badlapur.

Also, the planes start to go up, which is another change from the original plan. Jonathan thinks that Gita and Rowan are planning to block the sun and cool the Earth by putting chemicals like calcium carbonate, hydrogen sulfide, or sulfur dioxide into the air. He calls the FBI and asks them to take him to Washington, DC, and put him in a room with the president because he can’t get Alpha’s attention.

During this scene, an interesting thing happens: Jonathan doesn’t question why the FBI is keeping track of where he goes. This means that in the future, people may give up their right to privacy and let government agencies watch them.

What Happened After Gita’s Aircraft Crashed?

Gita’s carbon-free cargo plane is shot down near Mumbai in the most recent episode of “Extrapolations.” Officials at the White House don’t know who is to blame because Russia blames India and India blames Pakistan. Burdick says that he wants to find out who is to blame, but Jonathan thinks that Bilton is to blame.

But Rowan’s plan to use drones to release calcium carbonate into the air makes this news less important. Jonathan realizes that this is the real threat and goes back to his wife, who asks him what will happen next. Jonathan says he doesn’t know, but he does know that the calcium carbonate will make blue circles all over the world, which will cause less damage than weather changes that are hard to predict.

But this crisis could be the push needed to find good solutions before a scientist goes rogue and tries to do things on their own.

What Was the Plan of Gita Mishra? Extrapolations Episode 4 Ending Explained

In the fourth episode of the series, Gita Mishra, founder, and chief executive officer of NSI, coordinated a demonstration flight with 10 planes carrying 250 tonnes of calcium carbonate each. She threatened to unleash the chemical over India, citing the 1991 eruption of Mount Pinatubo, which lowered the earth’s temperature by producing a layer of ash.

Gita and her stepson Rowan Chopin had been working on this project for years, and Gita used the carbon-neutral unmanned aircraft as leverage to convince the President of the United States to resume geoengineering. The second component of Gita and Rowan’s strategy was disclosed after her plane was unexpectedly wrecked.

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Rowan performed a series of explosions globally utilizing Alpha’s delivery services, releasing 2 million metric tonnes of calcium carbonate into the atmosphere in an effort to reduce the earth’s temperature. This was their ultimate plan, and one could argue that it was retained as a last resort in the event that harsh measures were required.

Extrapolations Episode 4 Ending Explained: How Did Jonathan Stop Gita's Plans?

Gita’s death prompted Rowan to take extreme measures, but the ramifications of such a massive volume of the chemical being released into the air are unclear; we must wait until the fifth episode to learn more.

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