Is Bambi Still Alive In Who Were We Running From?

Bambi and her mother have lived in hotels all over the world for their whole lives. Her mother liked to keep her past a secret, so Bambi knew she had to always control her curiosity. The mother and daughter have had a wonderful life together, but now that the daughter is no longer a child, the mother feels threatened.

Bambi has become more and more curious over time, and she often asks her mother hard questions. Bambi loved her mother very much, and she hoped that one day she would tell her everything.

Who Were We Running From? It is a Turkish Netflix show about how Bambi and her mother’s relationship changes, especially when things from the outside start to hurt their bond. In this article, we will look at Bambi’s story in more depth. Why did Bambi change, and is she still alive?

Why Was Bambi and Her Mother Constantly Moving?

As her mother promised to satisfy any birthday desire, Bambi asked about her history. Bambi’s mother finally revealed her father’s identity. Aristocratic parents raised her mother. Her conservative parents kept her away. She broke down since they never loved or protected her as a child.

She hated her callous mother. Her father’s handyman was her first love. She sneaked downstairs to make love to him. Her parents rejected her baby after discovering she was pregnant. She refused to give the baby away after birth. She resolved to act on her resentment after perusing the car handbook her parents owned.

Who Were We Running From: What Changed Bambi and Is She Still Alive?

She broke the car by sneaking into the garage. She kept her plan after her folks left the next morning. She inherited her mother’s riches after the automobile fire. Her mother considered leaving Bambi at the hospital after giving birth. She realized she could resume her life without her baby because parenting overwhelmed her.

She couldn’t abandon her baby, even though it was smart. She felt obligated to defend her innocent child. She wanted Bambi to have everything she never had. Running between hotels with a child was challenging, but she recognized that Bambi was the only one who would love her back. She would do anything to safeguard Bambi, her favorite creation.

Her mother fled after that. She fled evil relatives who wanted her daughter. She wanted to avoid the hostility directed at her. Her mother still felt threatened after so long. She understood distant hazards from years of defending Bambi. Her mother could spot bad apples in a similar black automobile, a harsh hotel manager, or a perverted doctor.

Bambi always trusted her mother’s instincts, which kept them alive. Bambi and her mother fled family members, but the cops followed them. Police had noticed the mother’s overprotectiveness, which had caused many deaths. The police had no names, and their IDs and passports were phony. Only Surveillance footage could locate them.

The cops soon recognized that the mother was quite smart and that catching them was difficult.

Is Bambi Still Alive In Who Were We Running From?

That night, Bambi got away with the things and money her mother had left behind. With her newfound money, Bambi might be able to build the house she and her mother had always talked about. The police didn’t think much of Bambi because they thought she was just her mother’s sidekick.

They didn’t know what she was really capable of. Bambi could either start over or be like her mother and kill anyone who came between her and her survival. The question “Who were we running from?” looks at the relationship between Bambi and her mother. Their friendship was built on how much they needed each other.

Even though all mothers want to protect their children, Bambi’s mother was willing to do anything, even shed blood, to keep her safe. But her mind was not stable, and the things that happened to her as a child had a big effect on how she acted as an adult. She was basically living through Bambi, who gave her the childhood she wished she’d had.

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As Bambi got older and refused to stay a “little girl,” her mother felt threatened and did everything she could to keep her daughter in that childlike state. Bambi was afraid to leave the bubble of safety that her mother had made for her, but in the end, she had to. It is hoped that Bambi will break the cycle of dependence and mental trauma.

Who Were We Running From: What Changed Bambi and Is She Still Alive?

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