Exploring the Complex Character: Who is Rusty In Freeridge?

Rusty is one of the most interesting and mysterious characters in the world of the Netflix show “On My Block.” As a person who lives in the made-up neighborhood of Freeridge, Rusty’s presence and actions have far-reaching effects on the main characters of the show.

To understand the complicated character of Rusty in Freeridge, you have to dig deep into his goals, relationships, and past. As we learn more about this mysterious character, we learn more about the larger themes of the show, such as friendship, loyalty, how to watch Freeridge, and how a person’s community affects who they are.

Who is Rusty In Freeridge?

In Freeridge, both Gloria and Ines fall in love with Rusty, but they don’t know what he’s really up to. Rusty, who is played by Michael Solomon, is hired by their uncle, Tonio. But when Gloria and Tonio have to tell their father, Javier, that he has cancer, they can’t agree on who should do it.

Tonio shows Gloria his new assistant, Rusty, and gives him the job of telling Javier that he has cancer. Even though Gloria knows Rusty from school, where she missed the bent-arm hang test because of a mistake with a ball, she is hesitant to give him such an important job. Rusty starts to understand the family’s situation better than anyone else as he spends more time with them.

Exploring the Complex Character: Who is Rusty In Freeridge?

He watches Gloria struggle with her feelings as she tries to tell Tonio about their sick father. Javier comes into the room in the end and says that he already knows about his cancer, so his daughters don’t have to tell him. As Rusty stays to help the family, Gloria, and Ines realize that they owe Tonio a lot of money and will have to pay Rusty’s salary.

Rusty shows himself to be a thoughtful and smart character by the way he acts. He understands the family’s struggles and helps them deal with Javier’s illness.

Real Identity of Rusty In Freeridge

Rusty’s job is technically over, but Tonio decides to keep him around to take care of his nieces while Javier gets better from his cancer. Gloria thinks Rusty is staying because he wants to do something else, but Cam thinks he’s just looking for a job. Ines, on the other hand, is very interested in Rusty and has read a lot about him.

She finds out that he is a new junior at school and that he doesn’t have any social media accounts. Ines doesn’t know if Rusty is a psychopath or just better than the other people in her life, but she can’t deny that she’s getting a crush on him. Gloria starts to like Rusty more as time goes on, and she learns that they both like bullet journals.

But people in Freeridge start to recognize Rusty, and rumors start to spread about who he really is. Rusty’s real name is finally found out at a backyard punk show, where Gloria and Demi get into a fight. The crowd knows him as “Trusty Rusty” from “Rusty & The Manotaur,” a children’s show where he starred with a man dressed as a minotaur.

Everyone is surprised to learn that Rusty used to be a child star. Rusty starts to sing a song from his show, and the crowd joins in. This stops Gloria and Demi from fighting. Rusty brings people together in the community with his singing and his history as a child star.

Why Did Rusty Choose Tonio’s Job?

On the way back from the punk concert, Rusty explains to Gloria and her pals why he accepted Tonio’s job. Even though Rusty’s program was a success, it did not pay him enough to take care of his grandma, therefore he needed employment.

Later, he reveals to Gloria that his mother took all the money he made from the concert, and he has no idea what she did with it. Now that he and his grandma are alone, he is doing all possible to help her.

What Was the Secret Behind Rusty’s Job?

Ines is very upset when she finds out that Tonio and Rusty have been keeping a secret from her. She finds out while using Tonio’s laptop that Rusty was paid to flirt with both Gloria and Ines to keep them from thinking about their father’s cancer. Ines tells Gloria about the plan in the end, but Gloria sees it as her sister’s second attempt to get them to split up.

Rusty is asked about the plan at Thanksgiving dinner, and he says that Tonio paid him to flirt with the sisters. But he also says that his feelings for Gloria were real and that he stopped taking money from Tonio once he realized they were.

Gloria is devastated by the news, and Rusty’s explanation doesn’t help. She storms out of the room and won’t listen to him any more.

What Happened to Rusty in the End?

Gloria and Mariluna talk about Rusty, and Mariluna tells Gloria to think about the good things about their relationship and how well Rusty has treated her. Gloria agrees that she needs to stop being so critical and be more open. Ines and Rusty get into a fight, and Rusty blames her because he thinks she is still in love with him.

Exploring the Complex Character: Who is Rusty In Freeridge?

Ines kisses Rusty to show that she doesn’t think that way, and they share another passionate kiss before Gloria shows up. Gloria doesn’t know that they just kissed, so she forgives them both, but the situation is still complicated. Gloria doesn’t know that Ines and Rusty kissed, and it’s still not clear when or how she will find out.

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