Breaking Down The Glory’s Ending: Who Killed Son Myeong-o and Why?

The South Korean revenge drama series “The Glory,” which was written by Kim Eun-sook, is on Netflix. The series tells the story of Moon Dong-eun, who is played by Song Hye-kyo. When she was in high school, her classmates bullied her a lot. Even though she went to teachers and the police for help, her bullies came from wealthy families, while Dong-eun is from a poor family.

After her own mother betrays her for financial gain, Dong-eun drops out of school and spends several years plotting revenge against those who tormented her or aided in covering up the mistreatment she endured. This article will talk about how “The Glory” ends and figure out who killed Myeong-o.

Who Killed Son Myeong-o In The Glory?

In the first season of ‘The Glory,’ Myeong-death O’s never is shown directly, and there are only a few hints about who might have killed him. When Myeong-O finds out that Yeon-Jin pushed Yoon So-Hee off the terrace when they were in school, he gains power over her and makes big changes to his life. Kim Gun-woo played the role of Son Myeong-oh The Glory series.

He quits his job working for Jae-Jun and buys a one-way ticket to Vladivostok, but he never gets there and stops answering calls and texts from the group. Before he goes missing, he asks Hye-Jeong, Sa-Ra, and Yeon-Jin to meet in person. After that, he disappears. Later, it is shown that he was severely beaten before he fell to his death, but the person who did it is not made clear.

Breaking Down The Glory's Ending: Who Killed Son Myeong-o and Why?

There are several suspects, including a woman whose legs are seen fleeing the scene of the crime. Although her face is not shown, her heels match the green heels with shiny stones that Yeon-Jin owns. But Hye-Jeong has the same shoes, and after Myeong-O goes missing, Sa-Ra is seen painting a green heel that looks like Hye-over Jeong’s and over again.

Yeon-mother Jin is also a likely suspect because she tried to solve Dong-problem Eun’s on her own before. Lastly, Dong-Eun herself could be the killer, but nothing is certain. At the end of Season 1 of “The Glory,” it’s not clear who killed Yeo-Jeong until the credits roll.

Who Was the Murderer of Mr. Kim?

In the first season of “The Glory,” Mr. Kim Jong-Mun is murdered by his recently-certified School Inspector son, Soo-Han. Soo-Han is concerned that his father’s past transgressions will be revealed, destroying his chances of attaining his objective. Dong-Eun had already contacted Soo-Han and told him what his father had done to her, advising him that she would publish the information online.

To prevent this from occurring, Soo-Han takes matters into his own hands and kills his father using his asthma and lily allergy. Despite Jong-entreaties, Mun’s Soo-Han cannot risk tarnishing his name, especially now that he has a son of his own. He causes his father to fall to the ground and eventually die by kicking away his inhaler.

This is the first victim in Dong-revenge Eun’s plan in “The Glory” season 1.

The Glory Season 1 Ending Explained

Moon Bullies who didn’t care about Dong-Eun or show any signs of empathy or compassion hurt him. They were so mean that they didn’t even give her a little bit of sympathy.

Even though Dong-Eun went to the police, the bullies’ wealthy parents got them off the hook, and when Dong-Eun tried to leave school, her homeroom teacher, Mr. Kim, attacked her physically. Mr. Kim and the principal called Dong-leaving Eun’s school “maladjustment” to hide what they had done wrong.

This hurt her reputation and kept the files of the rich bullies clean. Dong-Eun, on the other hand, didn’t give up and slowly put her life back together. She got a job, made enough money to live on, finished school, and even became a teacher. Dong-Eun finally got her revenge on the monsters who had hurt her for years when she was 35 years old in 2022. Her big plan was to find out who Mr. Kim really was and turn her former bullies against each other.

Breaking Down The Glory's Ending: Who Killed Son Myeong-o and Why?

She planned their downfall one by one with the help of Hyeon-Nam, a married woman from the working class, and made a deal to help Hyeon-Nam leave her abusive husband. Dong-Eun also had a friend in Joo Yeo-Jeong, a kind-hearted doctor who fell in love with her. Myeong-O, who was also picked on by the rich kids, helped Dong-Eun gather evidence against them.

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But Myeong-O was later found dead, and the group members were worried that Dong-Eun would get back at them. Dong-Eun is getting ready for the next step of her plan while her enemies are getting ready to fight her. The end of the first season of “The Glory” leaves viewers on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next.

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