Divorce Attorney Shin Character Explained: Who is Chun-seok?

Divorce Attorney Shin is a South Korean television series currently airing. Based on Kang Tae-webcomic kyung’s of the same name, it premiered on JTBC on March 4, 2023. It may also be streamed on TVING in South Korea and Netflix in certain locations. Chun-seok is one of the main characters in the show.

In this article, we will investigate Chun-personality, Seok’s goals, and his interactions with the other characters in the program. This page will provide full knowledge of Chun-seok in Divorce Attorney Shin, whether you are a fan of the program or just curious about the character.

Divorce Attorney Shin Character Explained: Who is Chun-seok?

In the legal drama show “Divorce Attorney Shin,” Chun-Seok needs Sung-help han’s to keep his own divorce from happening. Sung-han takes Chun-case, Seok’s even though he knows Yeong-ju sent him. Choi Jae-Sup is the person who plays the part of Chun-seok.

One day, a client named Ma Chun-seok shows up at Sung-office han’s without warning and says he needs to talk to him in person. Since he has come from a long way away just to see him, Sung-han agrees to meet with him. Ma Chun-seok asks Sung-han for help to keep himself from getting a divorce.

Divorce Attorney Shin Character Explained: Who is Chun-seok?

Ma Chun-seok gives Sung-han Yeong-card ju’s when Sung-han asks him why he went so far to find a lawyer. This makes Sung-han think that Yeong-ju may have a hidden agenda in the case.

How Was Chun-Seok’s Relationship With His Wife?

Chun-seok, a farmer from Haenam, tells Sung-han about his mother’s request that he travel to Vietnam years ago. He met Dinh Thi Hoa while there and had an instant connection with her, prompting him to bring her to Korea with him. Dinh Thi Hoa and her family were impoverished, and Chun-seok believed he could help them by working even harder than previously.

Despite their huge age gap, he eventually married Dinh Thi Hoa, and they had a son named Yeong-gwang when Chun-seok was 50 years old. But, things did not go as planned for Chun-seok, and his family did not have the bliss he had hoped for.

What Were the Allegations Against Chun-Seok?

Chun-seok suffered widespread scorn after marrying Dinh Thi Hoa, whom people suspected he bought because of her humble upbringing. Their marriage, however, has come to an end after Dinh Thi Hoa accused Chun-seok of physically assaulting her and fracturing her arm. She claims that when she voiced her wish to divorce him and return to Vietnam with their son, he grew agitated and lashed out in a drunken rage.

A neighbor had to intercede to protect her, and she eventually went to live with their child in a women’s shelter. Chun-seok, on the other hand, disputes the allegations and says that he has never been involved in domestic violence. He claims he promised Dinh Thi Hoa he would change and have no idea where he went wrong when she decided to leave.

Sung-han, who is working on Chun-case, Seok notices that because he is unable to lift his right hand, he appears incapable of hurting anyone, even in self-defense. Despite this, Chun-seok has been jailed and is facing a divorce that he does not desire.

Chun-Seok’s Honour

Security stops Chun-seok from taking Dinh Thi Hoa and Yeong-gwang from the women’s shelter with a shovel. Yeong-ju tells Chun-seok to get help from Sung-han and gives him her card.

Divorce Attorney Shin Character Explained: Who is Chun-seok?

This makes Sung-han take Chun-case, seok’s even though he has doubts about Yeong-paternity. gwang’s Sung-han says he will clear Chun-name, seok’s, but the situation is complicated by the fact that Chun-seok has to choose between taking care of his mother and clearing his name.

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Some people see Chun-seok as a monster, but Sung-han sees him as a victim who is in pain. In the end, Chun-seok decides to take Sung-advice Han and take a paternity test for Yeong-gwang to get his honor back.

The test results show that Chun-seok is not the father, which will break the heart of his mother but clear his name off the abuse charges.

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