Choi Jun Character Explained: How Did Choi Jun Play the Role of Spy In Divorce Attorney Shin?

Choi Jun is a minor character in the South Korean drama series “Divorce Attorney Shin.” He is portrayed as a quirky and devoted intern-turned-lawyer who works for the main character’s law firm, Sung-han. Initially asked to spy on Sung-han by his rival, Yu-seok, Choi Jun soon finds himself caught between loyalty to his boss and the pressure to fulfill Yu-seok’s demands.

Despite his clumsy personality, Choi Jun’s resolve to show himself as a competent lawyer gets him the respect of his colleagues and clients. We will go deeper into Choi Jun’s position in the series, his interactions with other characters, and his progress from intern to a lawyer in this character-explained article.

Who is Choi Jun?

Choi Jun is a new employee of Sung-han who is pressured by Yu-seok to spy on Sung-han in “Divorce Attorney Shin.” Due to his lack of subtlety, Choi Jun is unable to conceal this assignment. Choi Jun is a vital component of Sung-crew, Han’s despite being a minor character in the program. Han Eun-seong played the role of Choi Jun.

Choi Jun Character Explained

Prior to working for Sung-han, Choi Jun interned for Yu-seok, one of Sung-han’s greatest adversaries at Keumhwa Law Firm. Choi Jun declined Yu-offer seok’s of employment and instead chose to work for Sung-han, who gained prominence after winning Seo-case.

jin’s Yet, Yu-seok stays determined to keep Choi Jun within his clutches.

The Connections Between Choi Jun and Aka June Man

One night, a drunk and upset Sung-han encounters a piano and begins to play it after drinking with Hyeong-geun. Someone named “June Man” records him and posts the video online, which goes viral by morning. Sung-han asks June Man, who is actually Choi Jun, the top intern at Keumhwa Law Firm, to take it down.

However, June Man refuses as the video has become one of their most popular online. Yu-seok gives Choi Jun the job of finding out more about the case that Sung-han is working on. However, when Choi Jun discovers that Sung-han is the Piano Man, he begins to admire him.Yu-seok then assigns Choi Jun to represent Ae-ran’s husband, who is going to fight Sung-han in court.

But Choi Jun goes up to Sung-han before the mediation and tells him that, even though they are going to be on opposite sides of the case, he thinks Sung-han is cool. After quitting his job at Keumhwa Law Firm, Choi Jun seeks employment with Sung-han, who tells him that they are not currently hiring.

However, Choi Jun argues that it would benefit Sung-han to have another attorney due to the increase in new clients after Seo-case. jin’s Choi Jun then reveals himself as June Man and offers to take down the video in exchange for a job. When Sung-han gets mad, he attacks him, but Hyeong-geun stops him and talks Sung-han into hiring Choi Jun.

Choi Jun is weird like Sung-han, and he even goes camping with the group. Seo-jin tells Ms. Kim that another “weirdo” has joined their group.

How Did Choi Jun Play the Role of Spy In Divorce Attorney Shin?

During his internship at Keumhwa Law Firm, Choi Jun was directed by Yu-seok to spy on Sung-han, but later on, Yu-seok uses this as leverage to blackmail him. Faced with a dilemma, Choi Jun confides in Hyeong-geun, and together they tell Sung-han the truth. Surprisingly, Sung-han does not become enraged; instead, he asks Choi Jun to continue spying but to charge Yu-seok and use the funds to treat everyone.

Over time, Choi Jun informs Yu-seok of Sung-actions han’s but when Yu-seok introduces him to Yeong-ju, Choi Jun tells them that Sung-han is aware of everything. Reluctant to disclose any information without something in exchange, Choi Jun demands Yu-seok’s position in the corporation, which is not granted.

Choi Jun Character Explained

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Choi Jun remains loyal to Sung-han and Hyeong-geun and is later requested by Seo-jin to successfully spy on the husband of her first client. Despite being a quirky man who likes to tell stories, Choi Jun was the best intern at Keumhwa Law Firm and will soon be seen representing Min-jeong in the upcoming episodes, proving himself to be a competent lawyer.

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