Who is Charlie In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2? What Did Charlie Offer Ian?

Mayor of Kingstown is a popular American television drama that has recently received a great deal of attention. With the release of the second season, fans anticipate the return of their favourite characters as well as the introduction of new ones. Charlie is one of the new characters featured in the second season.

However, who is Charlie, and what is his function in the show? In this post, we will present a full description of the Season 2 character Charlie from Mayor of Kingstown, as well as insight into his history, personality, and what to expect from him in the show.

Who is Charlie In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2?

In the second season of Mayor of Kingstown, Ian investigates a fresh case involving a man named Charlie Pickings, while prison tensions rise. Charlie, portrayed by Kenny Johnson, requests to meet Ian in a mental institution, where he refuses to converse with anyone other than himself.

Who is Charlie In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

Their talks indicate that Charlie may be a convicted murderer with mental instability or involved in the case Ian is working on. Ian seeks information from Charlie by establishing rapport with him.

During their first encounter, Ian offers Charlie a veggie burger without onions, per his request. This action earns Ian Charlie’s trust, pushing him to provide additional facts.

What Did Charlie Offer Ian?

Charlie divulges to Ian the location of the first body found in Ohio after taking a bite of his favourite burger. Ian commends Charlie for doing the right thing and bringing closure to the afflicted families. Charlie states that the body is scattered and in poor condition, which is confirmed when officials discover the body in the spots Charlie had indicated.

Ian notifies Charlie that the Ohio State Police will visit him to obtain additional information. Charlie offers to reach out to Ian if he recalls any other names and also offers to be a support system for him. Ian believes he is forming a relationship with Charlie that could be beneficial to the investigation.

In an effort to obtain additional information, Ian offers to take Charlie to the dentist, offering fresh air outside the institution. Ian convinces Charlie to see the dentist by telling him that no one enjoys the dentist and that he will be driving him there.

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Several episodes are left in the second season of Mayor of Kingstown, but the specifics of Ian’s inquiry remain under wraps. But, Charlie’s confession appears to represent a potential turning point in the case.

Who is Charlie In Mayor of Kingstown Season 2

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