The Watchful Eye Ending Explained: Who Was the Murderer of Alice Ward Greybourne?

The Watchful Eye is a Julie Durk-created thriller drama television series that debuted on Freeform on January 30, 2023. The final episode reveals the Greybourne family’s deep-seated dishonesty. Elena’s plot to extort money from Charlotte Ivey is put on hold due to her unwavering belief in Matthew’s innocence, which is shocked by his sudden imprisonment.

Elena’s mother Ronnie reappears in her life and demands a position in her scheme. Elena first hesitates before deciding to pay Ronnie to remove her from her and Teo’s lives. James’ psychotic personality becomes apparent as his true colors emerge.

Although The Watchful Eye Episode 10 puts everything together, it was hasty and disappointing. Who murdered Alice Ward Greybourne will be investigated in depth in this article. How to Watch The Watchful Eye?

Who Exactly Was James Working for?

James locked Alex in his storeroom when he found Elena and Morgan’s phones under Alex’s bed. Kim thought something was wrong, so she called Ginny to find out what was going on. Lachlan Quarmby in the role of James Gianfranco.

The Watchful Eye Ending Explained

Alex had told Kim where they were, so she asked Ginny to break into James’ flat to find him while Kim went home. Charlotte Ivey, on the other hand, asked for more time to get the money Elena needed. But Elena was taken away just as she and her mother were talking about a change in plans.

When she woke up, she found out that James had taken her. Alex yelled for help, and then Ginny went to James’ door and knocked. As soon as James opened the door, Roman pushed his way in and tackled him while Elena pointed a gun at him. James’ carefully made plans fell apart all around him.

Who Was the Killer of Alice Ward Greybourne?

Elena exposed the facts to Tory, the sole Greybourne who believed in Matthew’s innocence, in exchange for five million dollars. After discovering Charlotte Ivey’s participation, Elena knew Tory would be curious about the truth. After confronting Charlotte, she admitted that Alice had threatened her and meant to frighten her.

Dick Ayres, anxious to please Charlotte, went too far and caused Alice’s death by pushing her. Instead of being taken to a mental health hospital, she leaped from the building. Hector, the doorman, witnessed Dick staring out of Alice’s window that night and was bribed to remain silent; however, he requested more money and was subsequently murdered. When Elena began to investigate, Dick attempted to fool her but was unsuccessful.

Tory coerced Dick to confess by poisoning his drink and exchanging the antidote for his confession. Charlotte was happy that the threat had been eliminated, but she was upset with Dick for his involvement in the deaths. Tory began to doubt her decision to give him the antidote when she detected pride in his voice for what he had accomplished.

How Did Darcy Prove Matthew’s Guilt?

In The Watchful Eye episode 9 of the show, Darcy was instrumental in bringing Matthew to justice. Yet, the revelation of Alice’s suicide letter raises suspicions about Darcy’s motivations. Despite discovering the proof on Matthew’s laptop, Darcy implicated him in Alice’s death in a letter to the police. It was then revealed that Darcy had discovered information implicating her father and decided to defend him at any cost.

Elliott discovered a critical piece of evidence by accident while drafting a letter to Darcy, which led to the conclusion that she had submitted the letter to the police. When Elena attempts to assist Tory in covering up Dick’s death, it remains unclear whether Darcy’s activities will be revealed.

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The Watchful Eye Ending Explained

The inquiry into Alice’s death had stalled, making Darcy’s abrupt decision to present evidence all the more perplexing. It appears that Darcy was motivated to accuse an outsider of the crime in order to protect her family’s secrets. Meanwhile, Scott appears to be collaborating with Ronnie to profit from his birth certificate.

The Watchful Eye Ending Explained in Detailed

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