Deadwind Season 3 Ending Explained: Who Was the Killer of Nea and Krister?

In Deadwind season 3, two detectives, Karppi and Nurmi, are trying to catch a brutal killer who leaves a strange symbol near his victims. The show is now available to watch on Netflix. Detective Sofia Karppi is the main character of the show. In the first season, she is looking into the murder of her husband.

The murders of Nea and Krister and the investigation that follows reveal a complicated web of motives and suspects. This is the main plot of the third season. In this article, we’ll talk about the end of the third season of “Deadwind” and try to figure out who the killer was. Spoilers are coming up!

Deadwind Season 3 Ending Explained

After a year on leave for covering up her daughter’s drug smuggling, Sofia Karppi returns to work as a homicide detective at the Helsinki Police Department. Her new supervisor, Silja Rautamaa, assigns Karppi and her previous partner, Nurmi, to a new case involving the horrible murder of a woman in a cage at an old animal hospital.

The back of the victim was severed, and her wrists and legs were bound with wire. When Karppi analyses the victim’s photographs, she uncovers a weird sign on the body left by the offender. The victim was a 51-year-old lady named Tuuli Siren who worked for the pharmaceutical business Memfi, as revealed by Rautamaa.

Deadwind Season 3 Ending Explained

She was divorced and has a son, Ossi Siren, who is 28 years old. Another homicide detective, Peltola, discovers that the victim’s sister, Sanna Siren, works for the same pharmaceutical business as the victim. Karppi and Nurmi pay her a visit, and she tells her that they are developing a new opioid withdrawal drug called Rehaxin, with Tuuli as the project manager and Sanna as the chemist in charge of laboratory testing.

Ossi, the drug-addicted son of Tuuli, begins randomly shooting people. As he is a person of interest in the investigation, the detectives decide to arrest him on his yacht. As soon as they approach, he begins firing and leaves. The second victim was Olavi Schultz, who worked as a consultant on the Rehaxin project.

Rautamaa phones Karppi and notifies her that a second body bearing the identical symbol had been discovered nearby. In addition, they discover that one of the pharmaceutical company’s vans has been stolen, as seen on surveillance footage near the last murder. Karppi receives a fascinating phone call about her deceased husband, Jussi, hinting that he did not die by accident.

Karppi is determined to discover who murdered her husband. Informing Karppi and Nurmi that human remains have been discovered in a sewer, Rautamaa orders Karppi to conduct an investigation. At least four skulls have been discovered in the sewer, and whoever killed them attempted to dispose of their bodies chemically, as discovered by Karppi.

Nurmi receives a phone call from the hospital notifying him that his ex-girlfriend Laura was found unconscious on the street and is currently experiencing momentary memory loss. The following day, Laura is attacked in the hospital. Laura discloses that she knows the perpetrator when Karppi and Nurmi arrive to investigate.

On the street, he approached her to educate her about a new medication that would not produce withdrawal symptoms or despair. She accepted his offer of a free position in the test group since she desired to kick her drug habit. Karppi directs all units to keep a lookout for Krister Merihaara, Tuuli’s coworker and the attacker of Laura, after discovering that he is the culprit.

They discover Krister’s burned-out car and body hanging upside-down in an alley with an identical symbol painted on the wall. The four victims discovered in the sewer have been identified as drug addicts who failed a withdrawal medicine test. The fifth person, Laura Salo, managed to escape.

They also uncover that Krister orchestrated these tests, but it is unclear whether he acted alone or with accomplices. After Ossi’s body is discovered on his boat, Karppi and Nurmi look for other evidence. On his boat, they discover a hard drive containing many photographs of a girl wearing a necklace with the same symbol seen near the deaths.

They realize that the girl in the photograph is Nea Paarma, who overdosed on heroin in 2019 and committed suicide. Karppi and Nurmi discover a connection between the Tuuli Siren and Nea Paarma.

Nea was Tuuli’s depressed patient, but Tuuli did not provide her with adequate treatment for depression. Karppi, with the assistance of a coworker, discovers dash cam evidence showing a woman with a birthmark behind her neck standing by the road when her husband was struck.

Who Was the Killer of Nea and Krister?

Peltola tells Karppi and Nurmi that the person who killed Krister was left-handed, which is the same hand that Sanna Siren uses most. When they check out Sanna’s house, they find a secret lab where she was making illegal drugs. Before they can catch her, though, Sanna locks them in the lab and runs away.

Sadly, the symbol killer takes Sanna hostage and kills her before Karppi and Nurmi can save her. The detectives find out that Sanna and Krister killed Nea as a result of their investigation. Nea had found out about their plan to make a poison that would kill drug addicts without leaving any signs.

They made it look like she died from too much cocaine because they needed to show that the poison worked. They then killed several drug addicts to see how well the poison worked. Krister wanted to make money as soon as possible with the poison, but when he made a mistake and let Laura get away, Sanna knew he would be caught. She killed him and put the same sign next to his body.

Who Killed Jussi?

After analyzing his phone messages, Karppi realizes that her spouse, Jussi, has been unfaithful. She confronts Peltola, a coworker with a birthmark behind her neck, as she returns to the main office.

Deadwind Season 3 Ending Explained

Peltola admits to having an affair with Jussi and having a heated confrontation with him when Jussi refused to be with her. Peltola shoved Jussi during their argument, causing him to be hit by a car on the road.

Does the Symbol Killer Get Caught by Karppi and Nurmi?

Karppi and Nurmi think that Nea’s uncle, Jouni Parmaa, might have faked his own death and is still alive. They think he is planning to get even and that the symbol killer may be after him. Nurmi says that he was dating Nea before she died and that she stole his cocaine, which Sanna then used to kill her.

Karppi and Nurmi go to a closed-down convent where Jouni Parmaa lived for six months to find out more about his past. While they are there, they find evidence that makes them think Jouni Parmaa is the symbol killer. But Jouni Parmaa attacks Karppi and runs away, stopping their investigation.

Later that night, Jouni Parmaa takes Karppi’s grandson Emil, who lives with his grandfather and takes him away. He tells Karppi to do what he says and kill Nurmi, and if she doesn’t, he threatens to hurt her son.

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Karppi and Nurmi fake Nurmi’s death so that Karppi’s son will be safe. In reality, Jouni Parmaa is killed by Nurmi before he can hurt Karppi or Emil.

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