What Happens to the Empress in the Witcher: Blood Origin? The Empress’s Power!

The Witcher: Blood Origin is a fantasy miniseries made by Declan de Barra and Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. It is based on the book series The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski, but it is not an exact copy. It is a prequel to The Witcher, and fans can’t wait for it to come out. What will happen to the Empress in the series is one of the most important things people want to know.

The Empress is an important character in the world of The Witcher, and Blood Origin has a lot to do with what happens to her. There are also rumours about whether one of the main characters, Syndril, will destroy the Monolith, which is also a key plot point in the series.

While fans wait for Blood Origin to come out, they can only guess what will happen to the Empress and if Syndril will be able to destroy the Monolith.

What Occurs in the New World?

Balor opens a portal with the help of the monolith. Eledin and a group of scouts get ready. Merwyn tells them it’s important to look for resources before trying to live in these uncharted areas. When the soldiers get to the other side, however, they find a barren wasteland. Balor and his apprentice walk through the portal behind them, and he tells her that she is the closest thing he has to a family.

What Happens to the Empress In The Witcher: Blood Origin?

Then he tells her his evil plan to kill her, so he can get the power of chaos magic. Balor opens another portal and sends the soldiers, including Eledin, to another world after he gains this new power.

Does Scian’s Strategy Work?

Scian brings a chained Fjall and a few men to Merwyn’s hall, while Eile and the others remain behind. When they go, the remaining disguised sellswords assault the soldiers and rip open the grain storage. But, they find nothing there. Under Merwyn’s leadership, Eile informs the people in a stirring speech that their condition is bad.

Several individuals recognize Eile as the Lark and begin to sing one of her songs, sparking a riot by spreading optimism. In the meantime, Fjall is brought before Merwyn, who betrays Scian and orders Fjall’s removal. Fjall, however, manages to escape her bindings and opens the door for the others to enter.

What Happens to the Empress In The Witcher: Blood Origin?

Syndril and Zacare head toward the monolith to destroy it. Eile tells the empress and Scian that she will kill them. Meldorf, Scian, and Callan, on the other hand, stay behind to stop the soldiers. Merwyn sees Fjall after he has changed and asks him what happened. Fjall tells the empress that he wants to kill the beast, but she wants him to rule with her.

Fjall says that he can’t take her up on her offer because of everything she’s done. As Merwyn is taken away, he grabs his chains and starts attacking the soldiers holding him down.

Later, Eile goes to Merwyn’s room and tells her that her plan was stupid and that she betrayed many of their close friends for an idea that was too good to work. Eile then stabs Merwyn. Merwyn walks to the throne, and as the other peasants enter the room, she pulls out her blade and lets herself bleed out.

What Occurs to Fjall?

After escaping his shackles and witnessing the abduction of the princess, Fjall confronts the monster and begins fighting it. Throughout the conflict, they fall to a lower level, leaving Fjall temporarily unprotected. Eile arrives to assist him, but she is killed by the creature. Fjall succumbs to his bloodlust, and when the monster attempts to leave, he seizes an axe and throws it at it, killing it.

But, Fjall, still in a frenzy, strikes Callan as he approaches. Fjall eventually regains control of his body after Eile sings a soothing tune to comfort him. He recognizes the gravity of his acts and requests that Eile murder him. Eile finally lays him to rest.

Is the Monolith Destroyed by Syndril?

When Syndril and Zacare got to the monolith, Balor came out of the other world and used his chaos magic to attack them. Syndril said that Balor’s magic could be used to break up the monolith. He went up to Balor and asked Zacare to tie the two of them together. As they worked together, Syndril touched the monolith, which made a huge amount of energy explode into the sky.

Even though they were able to destroy the monolith, the energy beam tore the fabric between the worlds, which caused different dimensions to come together.

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The story ended when humans ended up on the planet where the elves lived. When Jaskier went back to the battlefield, he heard an elf tell him to spread the word of hope. While this was going on, Eile told everyone that she was pregnant with Fjall’s child, which could be the first refined witcher.

What Happens to the Empress In The Witcher: Blood Origin?

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