AJ And The Queen Season 2: Cancelled or Renewed?

Netflix has again unveiled new comedy-drama series following the adventures of Robert aka drag queen Ruby Red with his companion AJ(Izzy G).

After the anticipation of the first series, fans are again ready to enjoy the next season. The first season was released on January 10, 2020, and it ends in a dramatic cliffhanger. Now the question is RuPaul renew its new show?

Will AJ and the Queen Season 2  Be Released or Not? 

Fans of the comedy series are curiously wondering when will the next show released. Unfortunately, it’s sad news for the fans that Netflix has officially cancelled the production. On 6th March 2020, the series was cancelled due to the ongoing controversies regarding the show. 

Despite, the show anticipating thousands of fans and receiving positive reviews, it had a low criticism rate from the audience. Consequently, there won’t be a second season of AJ and the Queen since it has been cancelled.

Another reason behind the cancellation is production is already involved in various other ongoing projects such as RuPaul’s Drag Race includes 13 seasons of casting in early 2020. 

What Will Happen in the AJ and the Queen Season 2?

By now, there is no announcement regarding the renewal of next season, thereby, it’s hard to predict the plot of the show. If you have not been acquainted with the story of the first season then you can get a brief glimpse of the whole story.

The AJ and the Queen of season 1 comprise the interpersonal tension between the two unlikely companions, as well as the danger posed by the criminal Lady Danger and Hector, who pursue the two travellers with the intent of “silencing” Robert (although their commitment to actually murdering the drag queen is admittedly questionable).

Aj And The Queen Season 2

While AJ and Robert are on the road, Louis is left behind in New York City dealing with his own drama with Officer Kennedy, and with Brianna, AJ’s negligent mother who lived in the apartment above Robert and Louis before being expelled.

Season 1 ends with most of these storylines left up in the air: Louis walks in on Officer Kennedy and another man, and, understandably, storms off in anger. Season 2 may see the two reconcile.

Brianna is reunited with AJ in the final scene, but it is clear that AJ is furious with her mother and Robert is heartbroken to see the 10-year-old go. The final moments of the finale suggest season 2 will be about Robert’s journey to reunite with AJ.

AJ and the Queen Season 2 Cast: Who Will Be In?

This comedy series had a lot of stars who worked hard to make season 1 successful, and it would be unjust not to mention them. RuPaul Charles as Robert Lee the movie focuses on this character.

Aj And The Queen Season 2

After being robbed by her boyfriend, Rupal goes on a journey of self-recovery and somehow ends up with AJ as Izzy G, Tia Career as Lady Danger, Michael Leon Wobley as Louis aka Cocoa Butter, Katerina Tannenbaum as Brianna Josh Segarra. 

What is the Rating of AJ and the Queen Season 1?

Well, the show received mixed reviews, as some of the viewers not emancipated the story, so according to the Rotten Tomatoes the show received 52% rating while IMDb has given 7.5/10 score to the Netflix series.  

Ashlie D. Stevens comments on rotten tomato’s official site, “AJ and the Queen can be a lot of fun… But the series is riddled with scripting snags, potentially by virtue of trying to balance camp and commentary in hour-long episodes.”

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Where Can You Watch the AJ and the Queen?

The AJ and the Queen season 1 premiered on Netflix and received positive reviews all over. If the next season is unveiled, then it would be most expected to see on Netflix or Prime Video.

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