Jelly Roll Net Worth: Learn About His Early Life, Career, and Relationships!

Jelly Roll (real name: Jason DeFord), an American rapper, has had a difficult time launching his music career.

From spending time in jail to having a child at a very young age to receiving a cease and desist letter from Waffle House, the story of this young lyricist is anything but dull!

Learn more about his early life, career, family, and relationships.

Early Life of Jelly Roll

He was born on December 4, 1986. Jelly Roll was raised in Nashville, particularly in the Southside neighborhood of Antioch.

DeFord’s father abandoned him and his mother when he was a teenager.

After that, his mother had virtually nothing to her name.

DeFord stated that anyone who was successful in his small community of Antioch, Tennessee, did so by dealing drugs.

jelly roll net worth

Early on, he too fell into the cycle of trafficking.

Therefore, he dropped out of secondary school.

At age 14, Jason was incarcerated, initiating a cycle of incarcerations that lasted until 2009 and included a conviction for narcotics possession.

Debut Solo Album

DeFord published his debut solo studio album in 2005 titled “Halfway House.”

Jelly claims that his time as a drug dealer provided him with a great deal of leisure time, which he used to begin producing rap music.

In 2010, DeFord collaborated with Memphis rapper Lil Wyte to create “Pop Another Pill,” a song that went viral on YouTube.

The following year, they recorded “Year Round” with the hip-hop group SNO for the Hypnotize Minds label.

This album’s most notable track is “Come Here, White Girl.”

On April 21, 2016, he published a mixtape with the title “Addiction Kills.”

jelly roll net worth

Jason was invited to participate in the Juggalo March in Washington on January 1, 2017.

In 2018, DeFord collaborated with Struggle Jennings on the Waylon & Willie album trilogy.

Roll released an album on March 13, 2020, titled “A Beautiful Disaster.”

It debuted at number 97 on the Billboard 200 in the United States.

Tech N9ne, Brix, Bailee Ann, Struggle Jennings, Lil Wyte, Brianna Harness, and Krizz Kaliko were among the artists with whom he collaborated. The album by the southern rapper contains twelve compositions.

Jelly released a new album on October 16, 2020, titled “Self-Medicated.”

The Son of the Dirty South Summer Tour 2022

Jelly and Brantley Gilbert embarked on a mini-tour in Jacksonville, Florida, during the summer of 2022.

Brantley is a Georgia-born American country-rock vocalist.

In May 2022, Jason remarked, “I anticipate these performances to be rowdy.”

Personal & Marital Life

Jelly Roll is married to Bunnie Xo.

Xo owns Dumb Blonde Productions, which is the proprietor of the Dumb Blonde Podcast.

The birth date of Bunnie DeFord is January 21, 1995.

The two met while DeFord was on tour in Las Vegas.

jelly roll net worth

Back then, DeFord’s residence was his vehicle, and he was a struggling rapper attempting to make a living.

In January 2020, the famous rapper wrote on Instagram about his wife, “She taught me the true meaning of LOVE.” Jelly continued, “She taught me what it means to unconditionally support someone.”


He has a daughter (Bailee) and a son (Noah Buddy DeFord).

In May 2023, Jelly Roll’s daughter turned 15 years old.

Jelly Roll – Net Worth

The majority of DeFord’s income comes from his career in the music industry, particularly the sale of his albums (Ballads of the Broken, Goodnight Nashville, The Big Sal Story, and others), mixtapes, concert tickets, sponsors, and YouTube advertisements.

Tickets for his live performances can be purchased at

“Pop Another Pill” was one of his first successes, a collaboration with rapper Lil Wyte. DeFord was featured on Ryan Upchurch’s 2017 song “Running on Fumes.”

“Strictly Business” is Jason’s second album with rapper Haystak. Jason released the tune Son Of A Sinner in 2021.

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In 2022, the rapper gave $250,000 to the Nashville Davidson County Juvenile Detention Center.

DeFord has over 1.9 billion views on YouTube. Therefore, Jason’s YouTube account generated approximately $5,7 million in revenue before taxation.

The popular singer has more than 3.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

Therefore, Jelly Roll is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million.

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