Is Thomas Doherty Gay? Who is Thomas Doherty Dating Currently?

Thomas Doherty, a Scottish actor, has won fans over in roles in everything from HBO’s remake of “Gossip Girl” to Disney Channel’s “The Lodge.”

But did you know that he started acting at the age of five? Doherty, who has a history in football and a love of the arts, has wowed audiences on both stage and screen.

And as if that weren’t enough, he was also listed as one of the 50 hottest boys in the world by Vogue Magazine! Fans want to learn more about Doherty’s personal life, especially his love connections, given his burgeoning star status.

Is Thomas Doherty Gay?

Doherty does not identify as gay, but he has never accepted labels and has always seen sexuality as a spectrum. Doherty came to this understanding after playing Max Wolfe in Gossip Girl.

His character in the show is a flirty, pansexual adolescent who has had numerous relationships with boys, females, and even his instructor.

I’ve always thought of sexuality as a spectrum, he stated in an interview with Variety. However, it was very liberating to portray the pansexual character Max.

Is Thomas Doherty Gay

It was incredibly informative, and it made me question my own preconceptions and my upbringing, which taught me that “This is who you love, this is what you do, and everything else is wrong.”

He continued, saying he “doesn’t believe in labels” and that labels are extremely restrictive. You continually expand and grow, in my opinion, as you get older and have a little more life experience.

Labels limit you, in my opinion. You can hardly grow because of them, he said.

Eventually, when asked how he identifies himself, Doherty responded that he doesn’t use a label.

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Who is Thomas Doherty Dating Currently?

Thomas Doherty and Yasmin Wijnaldum are in love! With their developing romance, the gifted team has set hearts aflutter.

It all started in March, when E! News filmed intimate moments between Thomas and Yasmin on the streets of New York City, leaving fans wondering if they were dating.

And it didn’t take long for their sweet gestures to go viral. Thomas, who used the phrase “baby,” posted images of Yasmin on social media, while she publicly wished him a happy birthday and referred to him as her “angel.”

 Thomas Doherty

In May, they made their first public appearance together at the premiere of Grazia Gazette: The Hamptons, making their love story more official. Just Jared Jr. photographed the couple, who appeared glowing and deeply bonded.

Yasmin’s June post, which included a photo of herself with Thomas, appeared to cement the deal, revealing their strong bond.

Thomas was previously involved in a high-profile romance with Dove Cameron, which ended in October 2020. The couple, who remain deeply in love and friendship, announced their divorce officially in February 2021.

Thomas and Yasmin have become one of the most captivating young couples in the entertainment world, thanks to their red carpet debut and beautiful moments filmed by the paparazzi.

Their tale is still unfolding, and fans are impatiently awaiting the next chapter in their journey of love and togetherness.


In conclusion, the dynamic Scottish actor Thomas Doherty has embraced the range of sexuality and questioned conventional categories.

He rejects labels altogether because he thinks they might be limiting. Thomas is currently engaged to model Yasmin Wijnaldum, and the two enchant viewers with their on-screen chemistry.

We are excitedly anticipating their upcoming chapter of love and togetherness as their narrative continues to enthrall people.

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