Who is Anthpo Dating Currently and What Caused Anthpo to Leave Youtube?

Step into the world of Anthpo, the charismatic content maker who has won the hearts and funny bones of a lot of fans. With his funny videos and content that people can relate to, Anthpo has become a well-known figure on social media, and we’re all curious about his love life.

As we set out on this exciting adventure, we’ll go through the world of rumors and guesses to find out who Anthpo is meeting. As we put together the puzzle of his romantic relationships, there will be some surprising twists and turns.

Prepare to dive deep into the world of love and laughter, where Anthpo’s personal life is waiting to delight and surprise us all.

Who is Anthpo?

Anthony Potero, better known as Anthpo, was born in the United States on July 30, 2001, under the zodiac sign Leo. He is currently 21 years old, and his birth name is Anthony Potero. According to the Chinese zodiac, his animal sign is a serpent.

Who is Anthpo

Anthpo’s online fame began when he started sharing his humorous videos on his YouTube channel. His first video, titled “USB mouse making my car fly,” was uploaded in December 2018. Since then, he has amassed a significant following due to his relatable content and comedic style.

As a young and talented content creator, Anthpo continues to capture the hearts of his fans and make them laugh with his hilarious and creative videos.

Who is Anthpo Dating Currently?

Anthpo is not currently involved in a personal relationship, according to dating celebs. We have looked into the claim that Anthony Potero has a girlfriend called Janice, but we haven’t found any solid proof to back it up.

Who is Anthpo

As is often the case with famous people, they keep their personal lives very quiet. Speculations and rumors about their relationships can be wrong and untrue. It’s important to get accurate information about who celebrities are dating from reliable sources.

At the moment, Anthony Potero hasn’t stated or given any proof of his supposed relationship with Janice. So, let’s keep enjoying Anthpo’s great posts while respecting his privacy and excitedly awaiting any new information.

What Caused Anthpo to Leave Youtube?

Yes. Anthpo made his YouTube retirement public a while back. Fans are interested to learn whether he is quitting YouTube after he put a video on the platform with the caption “GOODBYE.”

In the clip, he said, “Today is goodbye.” As one of the top YouTubers, Anthpo is one of the people and followers in the comment section who expressed their anguish and said they were not ready to say goodbye to him.

Anthpo declared that he needed to find love, enjoy more of life, and fulfill his desire to tour the globe. Thank you so much for coming to watch the video, he stated at the conclusion. The moment has come to go on and live your life.


In conclusion, the charming content producer Anthpo continues to enthrall his audience with his relevant humor and compelling films. Our research has not turned up any proof of a current Janice girlfriend; therefore, his private life is still a mystery.

Like most famous people, they protect their privacy; therefore, reports about their relationships may not be true. Anthpo told YouTube farewell, stating his intention to pursue love, take pleasure in life, and go on new adventures.

We respect his choice as fans and are excited to see what he does in the future. Please help Anthpo on his quest to discover new frontiers by applauding the joy he has brought us with his laughter.

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