Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date and What Will Take Place Next?

Fans of Berserk have been continuously in mourning since Kentarou Miura passed away. It is impossible to overstate his influence on the industry, so when the potential of Berserk never reaching its end surfaced, it left fans in a state of despair.

Fortunately, Miura’s friend Mori Kouji made it known that he would take up the manga and see it through to completion.

Many fans had their doubts about Mori taking over, but after a few chapters, it became clear that he was more than capable of doing so.

After Berserk Chapter 381 was published last year, no information on the publication date of the subsequent chapter was provided until recently, when it was revealed that the manga would be making a comeback.

After months of anticipation, the revelation that their favorite manga was returning was met with a joyful reaction from the audience.

What is the Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date?

On April 28th, 2023, Berserk Chapter 372 was released. For Guts and his group, it will be a very significant chapter. As Griffith dragged Casca away in the final chapter, Guts was again left inconsolable emotionally.

Given that he had been preparing for such a battle with his former closest buddy for a very long time, he could not believe Griffith had managed to defeat him. Guts became overwhelmed by his emotions and locked himself in a room on the ship because he was unable to express them.

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

Guts found it difficult to accept that he had failed to protect Casca and the feeling of helplessness was agonizing.

The people on the ship outside the room prayed for a miracle to keep their ship from sinking. Though thoughts of the scenario outside might lead one to believe that Guts would be slightly impacted, the happenings on Skellig entirely consumed his thoughts.

To help Guts out of his wretched situation, Schierke made the decision to use astral projection. All the details of Guts’ other battles flooded into her memory as soon as Schierke touched the Dragon Slayer.

What Happened in Berserk Chapter 372?

The other passengers are concerned for their safety as Guts looks for hope in the following chapter of Berserk. They might be able to get assistance from the Skull Knight.

Given the connection to the Moonlight Boy in Berserk chapter 372, it is doubtful that Griffith will kill Casca while she is away from the mayhem.

Instead, Griffith is pondering what to do with her. In the subsequent chapter, Casca is probably going to wake up, and Sonia, who is close to Griffith, might experience issues or make poor choices. The tension is quickly rising.

What is the Recap of Berserk Chapter 371?

The Band of Hawk commander kidnaps Casca after disclosing his true nature to the people of Skellig in Berserk chapter 371. Guts made an effort to halt Griffith, but in the face of his power, he rendered him helpless.

Guts were incredibly upset to see Casca carried away. This topic may be covered in more detail in Berserk Chapter 372, yet he could not believe Griffith was unaffected by any of his attacks.

Berserk Chapter 372 Release Date

Due to his inability to even graze his former comrade, Guts got disheartened. In the chapter, Guts sequestered himself in a ship cabin.

He was still terrified by what had just transpired, and Berserk chapter 372 may have consequences for this.

Because it appeared as if bad weather would completely destroy the ship, the crew members were also in distress. At the end of the chapter, viewers can see Sonia waiting for Griffith.

The White Hawk eventually descended to Earth with Casca in her arms. In Berserk chapter 372, fans may learn more about this.


In conclusion, Griffith exposes his actual self in Berserk Chapter 371 and kidnaps Casca, leaving Guts distraught and defenseless. While others on the ship are concerned about their safety as the tension mounts, Guts searches for hope.

The fate of Casca, the implications that will follow, and the potential involvement of the Skull Knight will all be discussed in Berserk Chapter 372. Fans are happy to see Berserk back and are looking forward to the next installment and the continuation of this compelling story.

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