When Velma Season 2 Is Going To Be Released?

Velma is an American adult animated mystery horror comedy television series based on the Scooby-Doo character Velma Dinkley. It was developed and created by Charlie Grandy for HBO Max and stars executive producer Mindy Kaling as the eponymous character’s voice, alongside Sam Richardson, Constance Wu, and Glenn Howerton in supporting roles.

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What Is The Expected Release Date Of The Series Velma Season 2?

The series Velma premiered on January  12, 2023, on HBO Max. The animated series, which received mixed reviews, will have another chance to make an impression.

According to Deadline, HBO Max is working on a second season with Mindy Kaling (who plays the titular homosexual legend) and Charlie Grandy.

Velma Season 2

However, As of yet, HBO Max has not officially announced a season renewal for Velma, though there have been rumors of a second season in the works.

What Is The Storyline Of The Series Velma?

The series is presented as a “love quadrangle” between them, serving as an alternate-world origin story for Mystery Inc. It largely follows Velma Dinkley as she attempts to uncover a mystery surrounding her mother’s disappearance as well as the serial killings of local adolescent girls.

What Will Happen In Velma Season 2?

There is not any information related to the plot of Velma season 2. Once the season’s release will be disclosed then we may get clues regarding the plot or say storyline.

How Many Episodes Of The Series Velma Season 2 Will Have?

 The first season of the series has 10 episodes.  Velma’s first two episodes premiered on HBO Max on January 12, 2023, with the remaining episodes following in weekly pairings until February 9, 2023.

Notably, the show broke HBO Max’s record for the most viewers on the first day of an original animated show.

Who Will Be The Part Of The Velma Season 2 Voice Cast?

As we discussed earlier, there is not any official confirmation of the release of Velma season 2. Here, you can read about the main cast of the series:

Velma Season 2

  • Mindy Kaling as Velma Dinkley, a caustic young would-be detective with a love for murder suspect Fred Jones. She has a lifetime interest in solving mysteries that she acquired from her mother, but since her mother’s disappearance years ago, Velma has become much warier about mysteries and experiences awful guilt-based hallucinations whenever she attempts to solve one.
  • Glenn Howerton is Fred Jones,  a popular but dim-witted 16-year-old murder suspect.
  • Sam Richardson as Norville Rogers
  • Constance Wu as Daphne Blake

Is Any Trailer for the Series Velma Season 2 Available?

You can watch the official trailer of the series Velma season 1 which is available on online platforms such as YouTube. However, the trailer for season 2 of the Velma series is not available, as it is yet to be announced.

Where Can You Watch the Series Velma Season 2?

The original series Velma is available on HBO Max and will include a total of 10 episodes. Those who have an active subscription can see the program. There are now two membership options for HBO Max: Ad-Free for $16 per month and With Ads for $10 per month.

Is The Series Velma Worth Watching?

Let’s read the ratings of the series which may tell you that the Velma series rated 1.5/10 on IMDb, whereas the audience score on Rotten Tomatoes is 40%.

Velma Season 2

Moreover, if you love to watch anime series, then you can opt for it.


There is not any information on the release date of the series Velma Season 2. Once the official release date is declared by the team, we will update you.

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