Who is Andre Rison’s Wife? How Did They Meet?

A former American football player is Andre Rison. The Indianapolis Colts selected him and he started his career in 1989. He goes by the name Andre Previn Rison.
On March 18, 1967, Andre was born in Flint, Michigan, in the United States. He is currently 56 years old. His mother, Racquel Banks, gave birth to Rison; his father’s identity is unknown.

In 1989, Andre started performing professionally. Throughout his entire career, he has shifted clubs a total of eight times. In 2005, Rison’s final team was the Toronto Argonauts.

Andre has been active for nearly 15 years. He has amassed a sizable fan base during those 15 years, in addition to money. Andre Rison has a net worth of $250,000 as of 2023.

Who is Andre Rison’s Wife?

Lisa Lopes was Andre Rison’s wife. Lefteye was her stage name. Lopes was a singer and rapper in her time. Lisa Lopez-Rison is Mr. Rison’s wife. Lisa Lopez-Rison is not the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes, who was a member of the group TLC.

Lisa Lopes was born into a typical household. It is true that she is the daughter of Wanda and Ronald Lopes Sr. The Lopes family consists of five individuals. Two of these are her siblings. Lopes has a sibling named Ronald Lopes Jr. and a sibling named Rain. Similarly, Ronald, Lisa’s father, served in the U.S. Army. He held the rank of sergeant of the staff.


Her mother Wanda spent her entire career as a seamstress. Thus, the Lopes parents gave their eldest daughter Lisa a great deal of attention, and she grew very well.

Their love story, on the other hand, began in a similar way. Rison met the woman who would become his wife in an Arizona club. They met in March 2009 at a bar called Barcelona and have been together ever since. She was a flight attendant at the time, and Rison is 14 years younger than she is.

Lisa Lopez-Rison fought breast cancer, and she told fans about how she was doing. She was killed in a car accident while making a documentary, which was sad.

Quick info about Lisa Lopes

Full Name
Lisa Nicole Lopes
Nickname Lefteye
Date Of Birth 27th May 1971
31 years (During Her Death)
Date of Death 25th April 2002
Birth Place
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Nationality American
African- American
Height 5 feet 1 inch
Weight 52 kg
Net Worth $500,000
Source of Wealth
Actor, Rapper, Model, Dancer, Songwriter, and Pianist

How Did Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison Meet?

Tupac Shakur was the first to meet Lisa Lopes in 1991. She was instantly drawn to Shakur, but they remained close friends. Shakur returned the following year to meet Andre Rison at one of the music events. They became friends, and Rison learned about Lopes as a result. Lopes and Rison gradually began to talk to each other and fell in love.

Andre and Lisa began dating each other in 1992. They dated for years before committing to a relationship. They formed such a strong bond with each other that many people admired it.

Lisa Lopes and Andre Rison’s Wedding

Andre Risona and Lisa Lopes married each other after dating for nine years. Andre and Lisa married on July 5, 2001.

It was a big occasion for them. They invited all of their family and friends to their wedding ceremony. But who could have predicted that a major incident would occur in Lisa’s life just a year after their marriage?


Jamal Lopes and Snow Lopes are Lisa’s children. Snow Lopes, her daughter, is not her real child. Because Lisa took her in when she was only eight years old.

Also, her son Jamal Lopes is the subject of many rumors. Jamal is not her son, many people say. The reason is that Jamal was born in 1979 and Lisa in 1971. So, it is clear that they are not biologically mother and son.

A Survivor’s Journey Through Breast Cancer

Lisa Lopes, the wife of Andre Rison, was an excellent woman. She was a breast cancer survivor. Lisa once faced death and defeated it, but unfortunately, Lopes failed the second time.

On April 25, 2002, Lisa Lopes perished in an automobile accident. At the time, she was filming a documentary for TLC with her family and friends.

The car in which Lisa was a passenger collided with another vehicle that suddenly appeared in front of her vehicle.

Interesting Facts About Lisa Lopes

  • Lisa burned down her husband Andre’s home in 1994.
  • She passes away in a car accident in 2002.
  • Snow Lopes was adopted by the Lopes family when she was eight years old.
  • Lisa Lopes and Andre Riosn began dating in 1992.

Final Words

Andre Rison is a former American football player who has been active for nearly 15 years and has a net worth of $250,000 as of 2023. His wife is Lisa Lopez-Rison, the daughter of Wanda and Ronald Lopes Sr. Lisa Lopes was a breast cancer survivor who married Andre Rison in 2001. She had two children, Jamal and Snow Lopes, and died in an automobile accident in 2002.

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