The Expendables 4 Release Date, Cast, Plot, Trailer, and Everything We Need to Know

The Expendables have returned. In The Expendables 4 (officially titled Expend4bles, because why not? ), the fourth installment of the ensemble action-thriller franchise, the invulnerable veteran mercenary Barney Ross (Sylvester Stallone) and his entourage will return. The film is a sequel to The Expendables 3 and Stallone’s last appearance in the series.

Scott Waugh, a former stunt performer-turned-filmmaker, directs The Expendables 4. The fourth installment in the series is also based on an original story by Spenser Cohen, who, along with Max Adams and John Joseph Connolly, also serves as a co-scriptwriter for the project. Along with Avi Lerner, Les Weldon, Yariv Lerner, and Kevin King, Jason Statham serves as a producer for the film in which he also stars.

What should readers anticipate from this new addition? What follows is the sum total of our knowledge of Expend4bles.

What is the Expendables 4 Release Date?

The Expendables 4 is set to come out in theaters across the United States on September 22, 2023, according to Lionsgate, the company that will distribute the movie.

The movie will open at the same time as The Book of Clarence, a biblical epic from Sony Pictures, and Drive-Away Dolls, a road comedy from Focus Features.

Quick Info About Expendables 4

Release Date 2023-09-22
Cast Sylvester Stallone
Main Genre Action
Action, Adventure, Thriller
Studio Lionsgate
Dave Callaham, Gregory Poirier

Who is the Cast Member of the Expendables 4?

Sylvester Stallone is back as Barney Ross, Jason Statham is back as Lee Christmas, Dolph Lundgren is back as Gunner Jensen and Randy Couture is back as Toll Road. Terry Crews, Jet Li, and Steve Austin, who were also on the original team, are not currently listed as being in the movie.

The Expendables 4 Release Date

Their potential replacements come in the form of Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson (Power, Den of Thieves) as Easy Day, Megan Fox (Transformers, Jennifer’s Body) as Gina, Iko Uwais (The Raid, Fistful of Vengeance) as Rahmat, Jacob Scipio (Bad Boys for Life, The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent) as Galan, Levy Tran (MacGyver, The Haunting of Hill House) as Lash and Tony Jaa (Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior, Furious 7) in an as yet unspecified role.

Andy Garcia (Father of the Bride, Book Club: The Next Chapter), another big name, will play Marsh for the first time.

What is the Plotline Expendables 4?

Will Expend4bles mark a new era for the franchise? It’s too soon to tell, but the official synopsis will undoubtedly note that a large number of new players are being introduced in this installment. Lionsgate provides the following synopsis of the film’s plot:

The Expendables 4 Release Date

A new generation of stars join the world’s top action stars for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in The Expendables 4.Reuniting as the team of elite mercenaries, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Randy Couture, and Sylvester Stallone are joined for the first time by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Megan Fox, Tony Jaa, Iko Iwais, Jacob Scipio, Levy Tran, and Andy Garcia. Armed with every weapon they can get their hands on and the skills to use them, The Expendables are the world’s last line of defense and the team that gets called when all other options are off the table. But new team members with new styles and tactics are going to give “new blood” a whole new meaning.

Is There a Trailer for The Expendables 4?

On June 7, 2023, Lionsgate published an online trailer. The trailer opens with Megan Fox’s Gina and Jason Statham’s Lee Christmas engaging in some rather crude foreplay before Lee receives a visit the following morning from Sylvester Stallone’s Barney Ross.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Can’t Stop” is played as the trailer transitions to a montage showing some of the film’s exciting action sequences.

When Did Filming End on The Expendables 4?

Originally set to begin filming in April 2019, production on The Expendables 4 has been delayed. Stallone finished filming his scenes in October of the same year, 2021, as he announced on social media, and production didn’t officially begin until September.


The Expendables 4 is the fourth installment of the ensemble action-thriller franchise, directed by Scott Waugh and based on an original story by Spenser Cohen.

Sylvester Stallone returns as Barney Ross, Jason Statham as Lee Christmas, Dolph Lundgren as Gunner Jensen and Randy Couture as Toll Road. The Expendables 4 is set to mark a new era for the franchise, with a large number of new players joining the team of elite mercenaries.

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