Heirs Season 2 Release Date: Has the Second Season of the Show Been Renewed?

Heirs, also recognized as The Inheritors, gained popularity as a South Korean drama released in 2013. The series depicts the lives and romances of affluent high school students who are set to inherit their family enterprises.

Starring Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, Kim Woo Bin, and Kim Ji Won, among others, the show achieved immense success both domestically and internationally.

Since its conclusion, fans have eagerly anticipated a sequel, yet there has been no official confirmation of Heirs Season 2 from the creators or the cast. Are there any prospects for Heirs Season 2? Here’s all the information available to date.

What Happened at the End of Heirs Season 1?

The conclusion of Season 1 of “Heirs” brought happiness to Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang, as they successfully navigated challenges and remained together. Key moments from the finale include:

Kim Tan and his brother, Won, joined forces to safeguard their company from greedy relatives. Won, opting for love over an arranged marriage, chose to marry his longtime girlfriend, Hyun Joo.

Heirs Season 2 Release Date

Choi Young Do reconciled with his long-lost mother and forged friendships with Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang. Yoon and Esther tied the knot, with Rachel accepting their relationship and moving forward from her feelings for Kim Tan.

Lee Hyo Shin passed his college entrance exam and confessed his feelings to his teacher, who, while rejecting him, encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Kim Tan’s father emerged from a coma, offering his blessing to Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang’s relationship. Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang joyously marked their first anniversary, exchanging vows of love.

What is the Release Date of Heirs Season 2?

Heirs Season 2 does not have an official release date since the show has not been renewed. However, there are rumors and speculations regarding a potential second season.

According to some sources, production for Heirs Season 2 is expected to start in 2022, with a potential release in 2023 or 2024.

Alternatively, there are suggestions that the show might return in August 2024, featuring a new storyline and cast. It’s essential to note that none of these claims have been verified by official sources, so they should be viewed with caution.

Cast: Who Will Be in Heirs Season 2?

The lineup for Heirs Season 2 remains uncertain, lacking an official announcement. Speculation suggests the potential return of Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin in their previous roles as Kim Tan, Cha Eun Sang, and Choi Young Do.

Additional rumors hint at Park Shin Hye making only occasional appearances, with Song Hye Kyo possibly joining as a fresh romantic interest for Kim Tan. However, these speculations lack confirmation, and the actors involved have not addressed them publicly.

Plot: Expected Storyline of Heirs Season 2

The storyline for Heirs Season 2 remains shrouded in mystery, lacking any official synopsis or teaser. Nevertheless, certain enthusiasts conjecture that the upcoming season will extend the narrative of Kim Tan and Cha Eun Sang.

Having conquered numerous hurdles, the duo found their way to each other in the inaugural season.

Heirs Season 2 Release Date

Alternatively, there are speculations that the second season will introduce fresh conflicts and trials for the characters. These challenges may encompass familial dilemmas, business rivalries, and newfound romantic entanglements.

Some fans express a desire for Season 2 to delve into the lives of other characters like Kim Won, Rachel Yoo, and Yoon Chan Young.

Official Trailer for Heirs Season 2

Currently, there is no official trailer for Season 2 of Heirs since the show hasn’t received official approval. Nevertheless, You can watch the trailer of its first season here.

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IMDb Ratings of Heirs

The initial season of “Heirs” holds an IMDb score of 7.5 out of 10, derived from 8,392 user reviews. Feedback from both critics and viewers varies, with commendation directed towards the cast, cinematography, soundtrack, and romantic elements.

However, criticisms include the predictable plot, the unrealistic depiction of wealth, and the insufficient development of characters.

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Where to Watch Heirs Season 2?

You can watch the initial season of Heirs on different streaming services like Netflix, Viki, Apple TV, SBS World, and Kocowa. However, the show’s accessibility may differ based on your location and subscription. To find out the available streaming options for Heirs, check with your respective platforms.

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How Many Episodes Does Heirs Have?

Heirs comprises 20 episodes within its inaugural and sole season. Each episode spans approximately an hour, delving into the romantic and dramatic experiences of a clique of affluent high school students. The series was broadcasted on SBS from October 9 to December 12, 2013.


While many fans dream of a second season for Heirs, there is currently no official confirmation or information about its existence. It’s advised for fans not to raise their expectations too high and, instead, enjoy the excellence of the first season, which remains a captivating drama.

In the absence of updates or news regarding Heirs Season 2, we will inform you promptly when any information becomes available.

In the meantime, continue to stay engaged and watch the first season of Heirs. Additionally, feel free to explore our website for more information on your favorite TV shows and series. Stay tuned and keep enjoying Heirs!

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