Did Ty Die In Heartland Series? Does Amy Get Married Again After Ty Dies?

The TV show “Heartland” is a family drama about the lives of Amy and Lou Fleming and their families as they run their family ranch in Hudson, Alberta. The show looks at how the family members interact with each other and how the Fleming sisters get along with their boyfriends. Murray Shostak is making the show for TV.

It is based on the same-named books by Lauren Brooke. Fans love the show’s story and characters because they are so sweet. The relationship between Amy and her husband, Tyler “Ty” Borden, is one that has caught people’s attention.

Fans were disappointed, though, when Graham Wardle, who plays Ty, left the show early in season 14. Do you wonder what happened to Ty and why he left? Let’s both find out.

Did Ty Die In Heartland Series?

In season 1, viewers meet Ty Borden, who works as a farmhand at Heartland ranch. He quickly wins over not only fans but also Amy. Even though Ty and Amy’s relationship has been full of ups and downs, he finally asks her to marry him in season 6 episode 9. In the 18th episode of season 8, the couple gets married.

In the last episode of season 10, their daughter Lyndy is born, making them a family of three. But in the 10th episode of season 13, Ty and Amy get shot by a stray bullet from a nearby poacher.

Did Ty Die In Heartland Series

Amy gets minor wounds, but her husband manages to stay alive even though he is badly hurt. He doesn’t get better, which is a shame. In the first episode of season 14, deep vein thrombosis kills Ty as he is putting a horse in its stall.

This happened because his gunshot wound made him sick in other ways. Amy and her family go through a dark time after his sudden death, and she is the only one who can raise Lyndy. Watch Heartland Now.

Why Did Graham Wardle Leave the Heartland Series, and Who is Now Playing His Part?

Since “Heartland” started airing in 2007, Graham Wardle’s performance as Ty Borden has won him a lot of praise from fans. He has played the much-loved character for a full thirteen seasons as a main cast member. So, it was a surprise to everyone when he said he was leaving the show. His email to the press in January 2021 said, “I felt in my heart that it was time to go in a different direction.”

Graham Wardle said more about why he was leaving the show in a special message to fans on the official YouTube channel for the show. He said he had reached an internal turning point and wanted to take a leap of faith to try new things and move on.

“I haven’t made this choice quickly… “I’ve thought about and tried to figure out how to honour myself, make this change, and honour the show for a few years now, the actor said. Graham also talked about listening to his inner voice. He said, “It’s been a long process, but I’m following my heart.

I don’t know where it’s taking me, but trusting, having faith, and moving forward is what life is all about.” Lastly, he told the audience how thankful he was to be able to play Ty and how much he loved them. In a January 2021 interview, Amber Marshall, who plays Amy on Heartland, said she agreed with her co-choice.

Star’s She told him, “Graham, he’s been going in different directions and working on different projects for the last few years, and he’s talked to us about it quite a few times.”

The actress went on, “I think it’s so important to follow our instincts and know what really drives us. Yes, you will hurt some people along the way. But he did it in such a kind way toward everyone. I believe that’s the most important thing.”

Graham has been busy since leaving the show. He now hosts a faith-based podcast called “Time Has Come,” where he talks to different guests about their personal journeys and what motivates them to step out of their comfort zones. He also talks about how such life-changing decisions affect the future and how to build up the courage to not hold back.

Graham’s former “Heartland” co-stars Amber, Cindy Busby (who played Ashley), and Jessica Amlee (who played Mallory) have all been on his podcast. Still, Graham hasn’t said anything about the movies he might do, and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for him.

The good news is that the actor, director, and photographer stay in touch with his fans via social media. So, soon enough we’ll know what he wants to do with his acting career.

Does Amy Get Married Again After Ty Dies?

In episode 10 of season 13, Ty gets hurt when he tries to protect Amy from a poacher’s stray bullet. Even though he lives, the bullet wound gives him deep vein thrombosis, which kills him in season 14 episode 1. His death hurts everyone in the family, and Amy has a hard time getting over the loss of her husband.

Did Ty Die In Heartland Series

She also has to raise Lyndy by herself and make sure that Ty’s dream of leaving behind a legacy comes true. After Ty dies, Amy decides to focus on her job prospects and starts over when she decides to change the jumping course he made for her when she was training to be an equestrian.

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Later, Amy finds her anniversary gift from her husband that she hasn’t opened yet. This gives her a new sense of purpose: to help save the therapy center and help kids like Logan. So, she doesn’t get married again because she puts all of her energy into her goals for the future.

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